Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hello everyone!

The first day I arrived in NYC was exactly what a post-redeye flight person needed.
As I mentioned, I'm staying with my friend Timmay who lives in New Jersey, but for the first day, 
he invited me for a lunch with his grandma.  
As an added bonus, I got to see my violin teacher Julie there as well along with her whole family.  
If you're wondering why my violin teacher is at Timmay's grandma's house, here is the relatedness.
If you've met Timmay, you've heard this before, he loves explaining the relatedness  ;)
Timmay is one of my bestest friends. Julie is Timmay's cousin, who is also my violin teacher. Greg is Julie's husband, who is also Timmay's cello teacher.  and I just love Greg.  the circle of life. there.
We love it.  Well, we can't speak for Julie and Greg, but Timmay and I love it!  haha!
It was such a lovely afternoon of eating, hanging out with their adorable daughter, 
and taking a nap (hallelujah!) 
and I am so grateful for the invitation!  =)   They are the greatest.

Because I was running on perhaps 20% brain power, I didn't remember to take many photos... and the photos I did take, I found, were all of their daughter Noori.  haha. Can you blame me? she's adorable!

See what I mean?!  she has got to be one of the most adorable kids I know.  
AND she likes me!  little kids usually don't like me!  haha
She's a special one  ;)  

She really liked my camera, and tried to take photos with it, but kept pushing the wrong buttons.  
It was the cutest thing.  but she did succeed in taking this one!
It's pretty good, no?
She really captured the essence of Timmay.

This one is my FAVORITE of our playtime with Noori.
 A girl after my own heart!  If you know Timmay and my relationship, you'll understand what I mean.  
A very sibling moment.

Cutest family eva.  =) 

After the lovely afternoon with Timmay's family, we went to Times Squre.  
(It's kind of strange really. Times Square has to be one of the most famous touristy spots in NYC, and though I've been to NYC 5 times or so now, I've never been to Times Square!)
It was really fun, more so than I expected.  I think it had something to do with having seen the place so many times in pictures and in movies, and then finally seeing it in person.

Timmay was a champion gentleman and carried both of my suitcases up countless flights of subway stairs!
Thanks Timmay!

Almost as soon as we got off the subway, we met Elmo.
Poor guy, I think he was dying of heat... it was in the 90's that day--it felt like it was in the 100's.

Though I don't necessarily share the infatuation with NYC that some people have, 
I can understand why this city is loved by so many people.
There's something interesting happening at all times, there's so much diversity that I had fun just sitting back at a drugstore people watching for 20 minutes (not very many other places can say that!), 
and the energy of the place is truly contagious.
It's a place I will always be excited to visit for short periods of time.  =)

Thanks for reading!


Alice H said...

oh myyy noori!!!! <3
(and timmy and janny!! <3)

Janny said...

haha! isn't noori the cutest?!?!