Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Brother!! he's all grown up! =')

Hello everyone!

My baby brother graduated from high school yesterday!!  *sniff*

There were so many graduates that they had to borrow an arena!  It was fun to see a 'normal' high school graduation because mine could have hardly been called 'normal'.  but perhaps theirs wasn't so normal either...  Do high schools usually have bagpipes and Scottish dancers at their graduation??  Lil bro's school takes their mascot (the Highlanders) very seriously...  but it made the waiting until the ceremony to began quite enjoyable   =)

Then finally, the graduates came in!
We were expecting to have to frantically look for him among the 'J' last names, but much to our surprise, he came in very first!  After scrambling for the camera, I was able to snap this photo.

Then, they proceeded right up to the stage and sat down among the superintendents and principals!  At our school, the Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and one Junior (I think Junior Guard) took these positions, but lil bro informed me that since their high school doesn't pick these honors, the Senior Senators took their positions.  Not only did my lil bro graduate with honors, he was also elected as a Senator!  so proud!

Then, after many speeches from the adults, the diplomas were given out.
I guess another duty of the Senators was to call out every single person getting their diplomas.  

Lil bro learning how to pronounce the name correctly.  It's important, ya know.  And there were some difficult ones. 

Not sure I envy their duty... there were so many graduating!!


Then last, but not least, it was lil bro's turn to get his diploma.

The fam when we were finally reunited!

and the children =)

Congratulations on graduating lil bro!! We are all SO proud of you =)
Happy Monday!

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