Friday, June 8, 2012

Old Lincoln Favorites

Hello everyone!

When I was in Lincoln last weekend, I had the chance to revisit a few of my favorite restaurants!   I can't tell you how many hours I have spent at these places, and they have provided me with amazing memories for the past 4 years of my stay in Lincoln.

The first night I got there, we made a beeline for Yia Yia's Pizza.

There are countless pizza places around Lincoln, and I have tried many of them.  However, again and again I come back to Yia Yia's.  They are delicious, pizzas are always more than enough no matter how many of us go there (their family size is HUGE!!), and the best part? They are cheap!!  I think we once had a meal there for under $4 each when we went as a group and shared. 

Though they have many many different flavors, my favorite has to be the BBQ Chicken Pizza, and that's what we got that night  =)  As you can tell from the photo below, they load it up with toppings!  My favorite is the jalapenos which is rather odd because I usually can't do spicy, but man, on this pizza?  Incredible!!

TOMAS!  enjoying the first piece

I also love their decorations.  It's so quirky.  It kinda looks like they put whatever they could find in a flea market on display in an organized chaos kind of a way, and there's something really kinda charming about that  =)   I especially enjoyed reading this poster about the Vanishing Sacred Elephant for the first time. 
 "a real live ponderous elephant" eh?  haha   

The next day for lunch, Alexios and I went and visited Grateful Bread!!!  Love this place!

We were lucky that day, and they were open!  They keep rather odd schedules (I think Mondays they are closed,, and then some other odd times they are closed,,,) and I can't tell you how many times I have driven there only to find that they have decided to be closed for the day...  However!  If you are lucky enough to find it open, I would highly highly highly recommend this place!  =)

It is a tiny restaurant owned by one family, and every time I have gone there in the past 4 years, I have been greeted by the same person behind the counter.  Their decor...  well, pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

this bench = the essence of this place.

Their menu changes every day, but one soup always stays the same: the Moroccan Tomato.  It is incredibly rich and savory, and I have never tasted anything like it in my life.  It's definitely a must-try.  I think I have gotten Moroccan Tomato almost every time, but this trip, we didn't get the soup because we wanted to try something different.  I can't remember what we got exactly, but it was one of their mac and cheeses, and Greek Lentil soup, as well as their Cheese Scone.  

Ready to work!

man... I'm drooling just looking at it.  I have never liked mac and Cheese.  Ever.  I have tried to like it so many times because it smells so wonderful, but I was never able to succeed... until I tried their mac and cheese.  I finally like mac and cheese!!  Hallelujah!  haha 
but their mac and cheese is the only mac and cheese I will eat.

The Lentil Soup was really awesome as well, especially with the cheese scone.  mmm.   I may have gotten the soup just so that I could get the scone, but either way, both were delicious!  I also would have loved to get my hands on their brownies, but they were sold out  =(   If you have never tried their brownies, it is a must.  It's so rich that I can only finish like a quarter of it at a time, but man..  it is seriously heavenly...  

Their food is incredibly filling, so it took us a very long time to finish everything (as in I quit after the first 10 minutes, and Alexios worked on them for the next hour by himself haha) but finish we did!!  It really was quite the achievement.  Next time, we'll probably only get one dish for the two of us.  Lesson learned.

If you get hungry, and you just happen to be in Lincoln, NE, now you have 2 more options to consider!  ;)

Thanks so much for reading, and have a fantastic weekend!

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