Saturday, June 9, 2012

Audrey Hepburn. Asian Version

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, my family (and I think perhaps many others in our neighborhood) witnessed their first 
"Asian Audrey Hepburn".  or as my friend Alexios called it, "Janny Hepburn".  lol.   

I was particularly proud of my 'pipe', a makeup brush  ;)

A local ballroom dance studio was celebrating their 2 year anniversary, and the theme of the party was "100 years of Icons".   I soon realized as I flipped through some of the costume options that I was severely limited in what I could do; almost all of my things are still packed away in boxes...
However, there was one person that I thought of who only required a black dress, some pearls, and a tiara--Audrey Hepburn!!  

To get into the mood of it all, Mom and I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" the night before.  Much to my chagrin, Audrey Hepburn's look required a little more than I had pictured in my head--huge pearl and diamond necklace, huge earrings, black gloves, a high-necked full length dress,,,    
However, I decided that the Asian Audrey Hepburn would have a much simpler jewelry collection, no gloves, and a one-shoulder black dress instead!   Mom and I had a lot of fun scrutinizing her hair and her makeup throughout the film, and then we got to work.  The hair took the longest, and it was the hardest to recreate since neither of us are particularly skilled at creating magic with hair. 
Also, my hair turned out to be a bit too short for the extremely complicated Audrey hairdo!  
The first two steps of the french twist thing at the bottom and the poof in the front went surprisingly well.  However, the poofy bun at the top?  wow.  that was...  an adventure.  
We finally managed to get it to stay after using probably the whole bottle of hair spray on it.

We added the tiara that my friend Sean's mom gave me a couple of years ago, and,,,, Voila!!!  
Asian Audrey hairdo completed!!

I even added the short-ish bangs!! 

The Audrey makeup was fun as well since I have never worn cat-eyes before, and neither of us really wear much makeup.  However, we treated it more like a painting project, and I think it worked out pretty well  =)

Then, off I went to dance the night away!!  And man, was it a good time!  =D  There was even a live band!

I forget their name, but they were soo good!!

As soon as I snapped this photo, I was dragged onto the dance floor
(cordially invited to dance) by the guy  in the purple shirt.
you can see his arm in the left side of the picture  haha

Instructors showcase

What I really loved about this studio was that none of the guys were shy about asking a girl to dance!  In the 3 hours, I was only sitting down and not dancing for a total of 3 minutes, and even then, i had to hold onto a piece of cookie and use that as an excuse to rest for a bit!  It seemed like there was an even number of guys and girls (so surprising!) and everyone was constantly dancing.  It was incredible!  
The people I have met have been incredibly sweet and fun, and I am so excited that such a studio exists so close to my house!  Hopefully I'll get to visit them more often.

By the way, I am so thankful that I got to learn how to dance during my college years in Lincoln from an amazing teacher, Kim Marriner.  I have never had outside ballroom lessons other than learning from her through UNL Ballroom Dance Company, and yet when I went to the new studio, they put me as an advanced dancer!  If you are in Lincoln and want to learn ballroom, I'd suggest learning from Kim: She is an incredible teacher   =)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great weekend!!

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