Friday, June 1, 2012

~There is no place like Nebraska~

Hello everyone!

I am back in good old NE!!!   One of my closest childhood friends, Emily Larson, is getting married tomorrow, so I came to celebrate with her.  I have shared so many fond memories with this girl--having dance parties to Hamster Dance, playing Lord of the Rings game on Gamecube together (we were like 12.  It was cool back then), spending hours on the piano playing duets together, eating everything with peanut butter  including Doritos and Oreos (straight line to heart attack, yes, but we used to love it so much!), comparing grades after every test and always trying to one up the other (I think we've already established that I was a nerd, so you can probably imagine my delight when I found a fellow nerd!)...  It's so crazy to think that she is getting married, but I am soo happy for her!  Her and her husband-to-be are incredibly adorable together  =)

To celebrate her last day as an unmarried woman, the girls had brunch together, Em opened up some of her gifts, watched Bridesmaids, experimented with hair for tomorrow, etc, etc, but I forgot my SD card, so the only photos I have are from their dress rehearsal...  So here are a few pictures of the dress rehearsal!

The adorable couple!

The beaming bride-to-be and her father  =)  so sweet!

The whole crew.  I get to play the violin for her entrance  =)

So close to being husband and wife!

Stay tuned for the photos from their wedding tomorrow!  =)
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