Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rubber Ducky, You're the One~~

Hello everyone!

I have personally never been one of those kids who hated taking baths.  In fact, I loved it so much that I would spend hours and hours splashing around.  And I don't even remember having a rubber ducky!  Even now, I still can't understand how people can take showers in 5 minutes,,, my quickest ones are maybe like 20 minutes?  haha

There is one being in our family, unlike myself, who would rather do... almost anything than take a bath.
His name is McKinley.
We used to try to give him baths in our bathroom, but Mom got tired of cleaning up the battlefield afterwards--believe me, it was gruesome--so we now take him to a pet grooming shop to do a self wash there.  It's extra convenient because they have a hook on the side of the tub that we can tie McKinley to, and that prevents him from leaping out and running around the bathroom...  not that such episodes EVER happened at our house... of course we didn't try to hold him there using our bodies as barricades... and of course he never knocked us down like we were bowling pins...
Like I said, battlefield is a very accurate description.

Before the bath.  

Even with the help of the hook, we were way too preoccupied during the bath itself to take a picture... but here he is!  All nice and clean!  and all of us are still alive, even if we are completely soaked.

and he still loves me  haha

rocking the scarf look
Oh hai~

Imagine the exact opposite of McKinley's expression of boredom here,
and that is what our bathing experiences used to be like   haha

After about an hour, none of us had been tackled and none of us had to chase the black blur around the bathroom.  And we are all glad we won't feel like a car had run us over tomorrow.  These pet grooming shops are seriously a god-send.
And now, I present to you the completely stink free, clean, and adorable version of McKinley.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!!


Unknown said...

McKinley!!이렇게 컸다니! 언니 나 Cathy 승경이인데 기억나? 언니네 집에서 보냈던 2004년은 아직도 잊혀지지 않아.
수영이랑 주엽이랑은 페이스북으로 연락 중이야. 작년에 수영이랑은 인천에서 만났구! (!/lsk0919 내 페이스북이야) 가족들 사진보니 다들 건강해보여서 좋다! 가끔 언니 블로그 들러서 소식 접할게! 건강히 지내^^*

Janny said...

Cathy!! How are you?! It's so good to hear from you =)
I see you and my dad have the same alma mater ;) yay Hanyang!
I hope you are well, and say hi to your mom and brother from all of us!