Monday, July 2, 2012

My last two days at Timmay's

Hello everyone!

Timmay and I are both at Foulger International Festival!!  =)   We arrived yesterday, and today begins the marathon of rehearsals and practices...  eek!  haha.  I'm actually really looking forward to it, but before I am fully immersed in the intensity of the festival life, I want to look back and hold onto the idyllic times with Timmay's family just a lil bit longer...  It really was the life--cooking, eating amazing food, visiting the reservoir, walking around the neighborhood, swimming...

To thank Timmay's parents for hosting me for a few days at their house, we cooked them dinner. 
I have to say,Timmay and I can cook up one heck of a meal! haha  
We have a lot of practice cooking together because when Timmay, Abro, and I were in a piano trio together at UNL, we would rehearse, cook and eat together, and go rehearse some more almost every day. Good times...  Though Timmay and I made a good team in the kitchen, we really missed you dear Abers!  
Wish you were here cooking with us!  
But she is busy having fun at Greenwood babysitting Noori from this post.
Anyhow, here is our finished product!
Pasta with Chorizo sauce, goat cheese, and basil!

We also made our own caramel for the dessert.
I didn't know that caramel consists of only 3 ingredients: sugar, butter, and cream!  
And it's actually quite easy to make!

And then we visited the Round Valley Reservoir to walk off the gourmet meal.
We didn't end up doing much walking because we met a family fishing on the docks and ended up chatting with them for our entire stay at the reservoir   haha!

it was quite beautiful.

Right now, in New Jersey, the temperature runs in the high 90's.  Also, the humidity seems to be running just as high.  So when we were invited to a pool party, we immediately said yes!
I don't remember the last time I was this excited to swim =D
It was a wonderful afternoon full of diving, swimming, sliding, and tanning (though I can't even see a tan line..)

beautiful view from the pool.

Now, I introduce you to the two new Olympic diving candidates; Timmay and Janny!

We are definitely Olympic material.  London, here we come!  ;)

Thank you Paek family for letting me stay with you guys for a couple of days!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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