Saturday, June 23, 2012

San Francisco Wanderings (day 2)

Hello everyone!

Our trip yesterday was much more leisurely, not as structured, and involved a lot more eating  =)
Perhaps because it was less structured, we didn't get to visit as many different places as the day before,
but I think both Grandma and I were alright with that.
(our legs were still hurting from the day before  haha)
We drove around a lot more, and got to see some incredible San Francisco architecture.

I was strangely excited to see Starbucks  haha  (home sweet home)

We resisted the urge to go into the Starbucks, and instead visited the Blue Bottle Coffee.
It was really hard to find because while I was expecting to see a big sign,
all they had was a tiny sign with a blue bottle...
but I'm glad we found it because the coffee was incredible!
I'm not a big coffee drinker, and I don't usually like lattes unless it has syrup in it.
Blue Bottle, however, does not carry any syrup, so I had to have the latte as is.
Much to my surprise, I actually really liked it!  the first ever!

With the coffee in hand, we visited the Grace Cathedral.
Grandma wasn't impressed (she has seen all of the European ones) but I thought it was grand!
We also did the meditative labyrinth. 

The Ghirardelli Square.
Chocolate. and Ice cream.  need I say more?  haha

Amulet suggested this little bakery, La Boulange, and we had lunch there.
I had a little french moment sitting outside with a man in a beret and his dog.  haha  =)
the strawberry pastry = to die for!  so. good!

Then we visited the Golden Gate Park to walk off the pastries

and visited the Japanese Tea Garden...
Of all of the places we visited in San Fran, I was least impressed with this garden...  
but if you have never seen an Asian garden of any sort, I suppose it would be worth going to.

One of my favorite places we visited yesterday (other than the chocolate square) 
was the de Young Art Museum.
They had a huge exhibit happening about Jean Paul Gaultier, but we couldn't go because we ran out of time.
But the other exhibits were also awesome!

(doing my best to look like the statue)

look at this odd chair!

 And to end the day, we larked around the de Young gardens. 

We are going back to Seattle today, but we leave with incredible memories =)
Thanks San Fran, and thanks for reading.

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