Friday, June 29, 2012

Congratulations to the new Jung family!

Hello everyone!

I have made it safely to New York!  (well, now New Jersey).  I took a red-eye flight (not recommended) and was too exhausted when I arrived to update anything.

Before I launch into an update of my NYC adventures, I would just like to take the time to congratulate the new Jung family!  I attended Jinu and Hosoo Jung's wedding only hours before I left, and here are some of the photos of their beautiful and incredibly intimate wedding.

the beaming groom and the beautiful bride!

It was a 'fusion' wedding, a cross between an American and a Korean wedding, and in the middle of the wedding, the bride and groom each wrote and read a letter to one another.
I thought it was incredibly sweet.  
Not only did the audience get a glimpse into how they met and how they fell in love, 
but hearing their vows in their own words was incredibly powerful. 

and then he got down on one knee to put their wedding ring on her finger!  aww!

I was supposed to play violin as part of the 'gift to the couple' section of the wedding, but when I got there, it was requested that I also play for the entrance of the groom, the bride, AND their exit...
Have you ever improvised at a wedding?
It's seriously nerve-racking haha 
Thankfully, and surprisingly, everything went smoothly.  
yay to whipping up Mendelssohn's Song Without Words on violin!

then the groom sang for the bride.
I really think he should think about going pro.  It was really good!

and the bride's brother played a song for them on the guitar.

Lastly, possibly the most touching event of the whole wedding--
the sister of the groom, my friend Yoojin, read a letter to the couple.

I know for a fact that everyone was crying during her reading it was so touching.

After the end of the wedding, we had an hour until the reception, so Grandma (my plus one) and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and the breathtaking view of the venue.  
It was at the Newcastle Golf Club.

The reception was really fun as well. 
There were only about 30 guests, so everyone got to spend quite a bit of time with the couple.
Also, I feel like I got to know more of the guests at this wedding than at any other one because every single guest was announced and their connection to the couple explained.

cutting of the cake
And because we are Koreans, there was also some Karaoke action at the reception--which I sadly had to miss because I had to get on an airplane.  shucks!

Thanks for a wonderful evening, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I wish you the happiest of marriages  =)

Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon!

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