Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exploring Camera + Park

Hello everyone!

After the aforementioned SD card tragedy, I conducted a through search of my camera functions to see if there was any setting on there that could get my deleted files back.  Though I couldn't retrieve those files, I did find that my trusty little Cannon can do quite a bit of different things in terms of photo taking!  So, I went on a photo taking spree! a rebound of some sort perhaps??   haha  

It actually worked out perfectly since Alexios took me to the Pioneers Park to celebrate my weekend in Lincoln!  So here are some footages of our trip to this lovely park!

Look!  A monkey! In the woods of Lincoln!  =)

This was as adventurous as I got lol


and along the way, we found these pillars.. so naturally, we spent some time goofing off there  =D 

stage 1 of the climb.                                               stage 2.                                                      I made it!!!
taken with the toy camera effect  =)

super hero pose

action shots!

Thank you Pioneers Park and the Pillars for such a fun afternoon!  =)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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