Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Hello everyone!

On this rainy Seattle day, we celebrate the most generous, caring, intelligent, and hilarious man ever;  
my DADDY!!!!!

I don't know which one of us has more skill here.
Daddy or myself?  haha
I can't recall how many times he has come straight home from work only to pick me up and drive me to my many extra curricular activities-violin, piano, dance, youth orchestras, golf, FBLA, etc etc.. 
you mention it, and he was there, driving me to all of these things...
often skipping meals because we would be under time constraints.  

Though he may not remember these long drives fondly, I quite enjoyed these road trips with just him and I. The countless hours in the car were spent talking about anything and everything, 
learning how to debate and undermine other's arguments, 
(he went to law school, and was preparing me for law school), 
and generally learning about life in general...   

What I really loved about my Dad growing up is that no matter how many questions I asked, 
(trust me, there were many. I was an extremely inquisitive child), 
he would always patiently answer all of my questions or guide me towards finding the answers myself.  Never was he ever annoyed by my endless list of questions. 
Though now I am old enough to usually find the answers on my own (google search that!), I still really enjoy asking him questions on our car rides together whenever I get the chance.
It's funny really..  the older I get, the wiser my Dad seems to become... 
I have so much to learn from him!
maybe he's getting wiser? or maybe I'm just realizing things more?

Though sometimes we don't see eye to eye, and whenever we have arguments, it resembles something from a courtroom, I know that he will always love me no matter what, and I will always love him as well.
I have been so incredibly blessed to have such a wise and supportive man in my life, and my future husband will have much to live up to thanks to his Father-in-Law... poor guy..  haha

and also to all of the other wonderful fathers out there!  =)

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