Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY:: Brother Album

Hello everyone!

My lil bro is graduating soon!!
To celebrate, we had a huge open house last weekend, and it was a perfect opportunity to try my hand at my 2nd DIY project  =)
Usually, when we attend these open houses, we see a poster board of the graduating seniors, but because I wanted to show more of the pictures, I decided to make a photo scrapbook album kind of a thing instead!

Lil bro liked it--that's all that matters right?--and it was super easy to make!

Here are the steps:

1.  Print out or compile all of your scrapbook pages.

2.  Lay them out with the pages that will be back to back next to each other.  Above, for example, shows my scrapbook layout.  The pages that are laid out with no space in between them are going to be taped together back to back.

3.  Now, it's time to bind the book!
I used a long piece of yarn to create the binding.  Tape the yarn as shown below, leaving about an inch in between.  This will give us little loops at the end so we can tie it all together to create the binding!
What is shown in the photo below is page 2 and 4.  After I taped the yarn on, I taped on the page 3 to page 4 so that page 2 and 3 lay out like pages of an open book.
Continue until you have taped on all of your pages!

When you are done, the binding of the book should look like this.  

4.  Now it's time to thread another piece of yarn through the loops in the binding of the book, and tie it into a bow, and you are DONE!!

Page 2 and 3 of the photo book.  He was SO cute as a child!

the last two pages

I can't believe he is graduating this weekend, and I am so proud of all of his achievements.
I'm sure he'll have a blast at Berkeley, and I can't wait to go visit the campus with him in 2 weeks!

Thanks so much for reading!

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