Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Break Part 3 :: Berkeley

Hello everyone!

The penultimate day of our spring break was spent in Berkeley!
It began with a lovely brunch at La Note with my baby brother

Such a cute little place, and amazing food!
and of course, wonderful company  =)
It was so nice to catch up with lil bro again,
and it was fun seeing David and lil bro meet for the first time 
and bond over their experiences attending Berkeley.

Then, because lil bro was preparing for midterms and such undergraduate tasks,
we went for a walk around the Berkeley campus.

The first place we visited was the stadium because before I left, Mr. Lin told me that I HAD to go straddle the fault line that runs through their stadium.
so, here we are, straddling the fault line,
thanks, Google, for telling us where the fault line was located!  ;)

Then, we ran around the field and goofed around a bit.  =p

More of the Berkeley campus,
on a tour with my very own tour guide  ;)

When we got tired of walking around the giant campus,
we took a lunch break and went to the Cheeseboard.
so good, AND they had live music!

we met up with ALINA!!!
we hugged and screamed for good couple of seconds when we first saw each other,
and I still feel so warm and cozy inside whenever I think about our reunion!
We were roommates in high school when we both attended Interlochen Arts Academy,
and we just clicked from the first moment we met one another.
you know when you meet someone, and you just know that you are like soulmates?
yup. that was us.
So many nights spent staying up talking about history, literature, current events, religions, etc etc...
yes, we were quite the nerdy room, but we LOVED it so!

It was so awesome because she gave us a tour of the farm she's working in,
--because she is uber cool like that and is working in a food justice program--
and we got to harvest chicken eggs, try whole bunch of different plants she has helped to grow,
and for the first time in my life, we tried edible flowers!

and then we took a long walk, caught up on 6 years of our lives we spent apart from one another.
(this must change, dearest cheerio, 6 years is just too long!)
It was so incredibly wonderful to be reunited again, and I can't wait to see her again  =)

After the wonderful afternoon spent with dearest Alina,
we went out for dinner at Chez Panisse.
such a classy restaurant with amazing local, organic food!
the atmosphere was wonderful, our waiter was so classy,
trying oysters for the first time was awesome,
and though I'm not usually a pasta fan, 
their homemade pasta was so delicious!

After our wonderful dinner,
David took me on a hike that he kept promising would be wonderful.
I was a bit skeptical at first, because it was a moonless night, 
and most of the hike was really really dark, 
and then I got rather scared because I kept hearing noises that sounded like bears or coyotes or something of the wild animal kind.
However, once we got to the top, it really was quite breathtaking.
You could see the whole of the Bay area!

it was definitely worth the hike  =) 

That wrapped up that day for us, and we proceeded to go back home to our family friend's house to pass out for the night.
Sight seeing is rather tiring!  haha
I'll be back soon with the post about our last day of our spring break soon!
Happy beginning of the new week!
I can't believe school is starting again...  I'm not ready yet!  haha  


Pamela said...

FIRE TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Janny said...

ya!! that hike is pretty creepy at first, don't you think? but totally worth it once you get to the top!