Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello everyone!

We had been talking about going to the zoo for ages and ages,
but somehow we never seemed to be able to find the time to do so.
We really have no excuse,,,
I mean, we live literally a block away from the zoo, and it's free for Rice students!

But yesterday, thanks to my Bach seminar being cancelled,
we finally went to the zoo!
Actually, we should probably thank David's big brother for the outing,,,
have you noticed that when someone is visiting,
that always provides the extra push necessary in order for you to actually go do stuff?
so yay for family visits!  =D

It was such a gorgeous day for a stroll,
and we got to ooh and aah at plenty of fascinating animals.
I was mostly interested in the big cats, 
but unfortunately they were not very cooperative with my picture taking...
but I did get many other animals to cooperate with my clicker happy fingers  =)

I was especially surprised by how cute the meerkats are!  quite attentive as well!

I have to say though, my favorite animal from yesterday was the giraffe.
All because we got to feed him   haha

It was such a pleasant morning/afternoon,
and it was really fun to finally meet and hang out with David's big brother a little bit  =)

 resemblance?  yes?  no?  haha
gotta love the sibling chemistry  ;)

Thanks for the wonderful stroll Houston Zoo,
we shall be back soon.

Happy weekend!


April S said...

joon! love the last picture--the evolution of rhino? :)

Janny said...

bahahaha oh abers, how I miss thee =p