Thursday, March 7, 2013

to run,, or not to run...

Hello everyone!

I have always been a pretty active person, 
--give me dancing, and I could do that for hours and hours!--
but if there was one activity that I just could NEVER bring myself to enjoy, 
it was running.

I mean, if it was a part of a sport, like basketball,
I had no problem with that,
but running for the sake of running?
I just could never get myself to enjoy it, 
or want to do it enough to do it consistently.
so that was that, no running (for the sake of running) for me. ever.

Until... I met this person.

He has got to be the most active person I know!
he runs or swims every day, and also dances with me, and etc etc,
and soon after we became dance partners, 
he asked me to go on a run.
a run!
a run?!

and I said, 'sure!'

excuse me?  
what did I just say?

So we went on a run together around the Rice loop.
I warned him that I was a terrible runner,
but he seemed to be unfazed by it all, so we started.
I was already dying about 2 minutes into it, 
and I remember asking how long the loop was,
and him giving me some vague answer along the lines of,
"umm,,, hmm,,,, I don't know...?"

Only when we got done, -me only half alive and probably delirious- did he tell me,
"oh, yeah, the Rice loop is 3 miles long!"

Despite this rocky beginning,
we kept going for runs regularly -at least 3 times a week-
and somehow, I began to enjoy it a little more.

It also helped with my tendinitis/back pains from violin playing,
and actually, a physical therapist came in to one of the career development classes I was taking last semester, and told us that one of the best things we could do to prevent/manage injuries was by getting a lot of cardio!
She told us that for an hour of practicing, we should be walking/running a mile.
so remember folks, 
1 hr of practicing = 1 mile

This semester, it's been a lot harder to fit in 3 runs a week;
we usually run M,W,F, 
but this semester, I have 3 hour opera rehearsals on those days,
and after I get done with those, all I want to do is crawl into bed or maybe get a massage,
never a run.

but today, it's so gorgeous outside, 

and the Rice campus is so beautiful and green right now too! 

so maybe,, a run?
but he is not here to run with me--off to the airport and such,
so it will be my first time going for a run by myself...
to run,, or not to run,,,?

and here I am blogging, instead of going running,,  haha
maybe after I get done  =)

have a wonderful day!

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