Friday, March 15, 2013

We baked a pie, and ate it too

Happy belated Pi day everyone!

To celebrate, we baked a pie yesterday
--pecan pie, because that's Amulet's favorite--
and had it as dessert after dinner.
(I had it as lunch today as well  haha)

We were going to make it,
but our courage failed us...  and we just bought the frozen kind.
At least we used the oven, so we sort of feel like we made it...?   haha
It was quite yummy, though a bit too sweet for my taste.
But we enjoyed it with an episode of How I Met Your Mother.
so. good.

An engineer friend was over for dinner as well,
and him and David enjoyed a nerd moment together about how they can't wait until it's 2015.
because it'll be 3/14/15.
we'll have to make sure we celebrate it at 9:26 AM on that day,
and we can be extra nerdy  ;)

Happy weekend everyone!

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