Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last day of Spring Break!

Hello everyone!

School has started again, but I'm definitely still in Spring Break mode...
Here I am, dreaming about San Francisco and our spring break,
when I'm supposed to be preparing for my Orchestral Repertoire midterm...
It's at 4,, so I still have time to practice for it, right?
Oh Ein Heldenleben. 
why you so difficult?!

Ah, but San Francisco was so awesome!
 and Berkeley too!
The last day actually began in Berkeley,
and on our way to San Fran, we stopped by the Berkeley Marina and the longest pier I've ever seen.
We took a leisurely walk on this pier,
and like half an hour later, we were at the end of the pier!
not even joking.
about half way through, I remember thinking, 
'I still can't see the end of this pier...  does it ever end?'
and it wasn't even the actual end of the pier!  
the original pier had kept going, but for some reason, today's pier stopped in the middle somewhere.

 (the other half of the pier and the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Though it was a longer walk than expected,
we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves strolling along the pier,
talking, laughing at antics of the seagulls, and wondering why there were ducks so far out into the ocean...

What was really cool was that when we first got there, it was incredibly foggy;
we couldn't even see 10 ft ahead of us.
but when we turned around to return to our car, it was crystal clear!
Before and after photo  haha

Then, we arrived at San Francisco, and had In n Out burger!
we had been talking about going to eat at In n Out since the first day we got to Cali,
and we still hadn't been able to eat these famed burgers!
My first experience with Animal Style.
I know these aren't horribly great for us, but sometimes you just crave a good burger, right?
and fries.
oh yeah.
why are they sooo delicious?

Though I have to say, eating out every single meal did take a toll on how my body felt,
and I ate a salad for every single meal for a couple of days when I got back home  haha
salad detox?  =p

But at the time, we thoroughly enjoyed our burger and fries  =)

And then we went tandem biking!
on the bridge!
and it was sunny, warm, and overall an incredibly beautiful day to do so!

David wasn't too thrilled about the tandem idea at first,
and when we first began, I did fear for our lives and our relationship.
haha just kidding about the relationship part, (maybe)
but I did fear for our lives.
We couldn't keep the bike going straight - it kept wobbling- and there were cars coming!
It was much harder than I thought it would be.
and oh my goodness, making sharp turns on the tandem was atrocious!
I'm pretty sure we provided much laughter to the passerbys as we tried to maneuver sharp turns.

After a couple tries and a switch in who was in the front,
we finally figured out how to coordinate everything, and ended up having a blast  =)
Being ballroom dance partners and everything,
I thought we would've figured out how to coordinate movements faster,
but I guess it was a good partnership building exercise...?  =p

We biked all the way to the cute little town of Sausalito (on the other side of the bridge)
and walked around and had some ice cream before we got on the ferry back to San Fran.
on Sausalito's main street

by the ferry landing.  such a chill little puppy!

on the ferry

We were frozen by the time we landed back in San Francisco,
because it's much, much colder out in the ocean,
so we warmed up by having some clam chowder   =)
ahhh  such a perfect way to end our biking adventure!

Oh, and conveniently enough, the bike rental place was located right next to this place.
I never needed much encouragement when it comes to chocolate!

ah, San Francisco, you were so good to us.
We'll be back again soon!

Now, back to the reality of practicing,,,  and my midterm,,,  eek!
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Pamela said...

When we did the tandem-bike-to-Sausalito thing, I learned an important lesson in life:
I am too short to sit in the front of a tandem bike.
My legs couldn't reach the pedals no matter how low the seat was, and I was forever remanded to the back. =\

Pamela said...

...That's me. I've figured out how to change my name now.

Janny said...

hahaha Pamela! yes, tandem biking was definitely an experience... though surprisingly enough, we found that it worked best when I sat in the front! I think I was trying to steer too much in the back or something ;)