Thursday, March 7, 2013

'to run' it was.

So I ended up choosing 'to run' today after my last post  haha

It was my first time going running by myself, and I felt....
grown up...?
running alone = growing up in my book apparently   haha

and during the experience, I had a few revelations:

1.  my shorts has a pocket! for my keys!!
I can't tell you how much I had wished that these shorts had pockets.
I hate carrying my keys in my hands while I run...
and I accidentally stumbled upon this pocket today because my finger got stuck in it as I frantically changed into my running clothes .
(I only had 30 minutes!  because I,,, well, you know, I couldn't decide if I wanted to run  haha)
The pocket is hidden in the back part of the shorts along the elastic.
the sneaky, sneaky shorts makers!

2.  running is more fun with David.
I missed hearing about the green flashing E. Coli, the zebra fish,
and a whole lot of other sciencey things that I usually don't understand.
Though I may not reply, 
(because I can't,, trying to run here)
the running commentary on everything sciencey has always been there,
and when it wasn't there today, it was missed.

3. I become a tomato when I run!!
I had never looked at myself right after running until today.
Usually, we drink water, stretch, talk, etc,
so by the time I look at myself, I look pretty normal.
but boy, do I turn red!  it looked like my face was on fire!
while other relationships begin with the girl looking all pretty and nice on a date,
ours started with the girl looking like a hyperventilating, sweaty, tomato.
how did this relationship grow into what it is today from such questionable beginnings? haha

well, 3 miles down, so I'm set for 3 hrs of practice!
...which is already done.
so,,, no more practicing for me today?  =D
haha  just kidding.
about to go practice now.
have a wonderful evening everyone!

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