Saturday, March 9, 2013

I really tried to like escargot...

Hello everyone,

I was supposed to be at the rodeo right now,
but I got sick last night  =/
so no rodeo for me today...

so sad,,, I was really looking forward to it too! 
but hopefully I'll still get a chance to catch it sometime before it's over.

At least last night was great!

The Houston Symphony took over our school for their annual ball,
-and we, the students, couldn't be seen-
so we decided to go on a date instead of working our Friday night away.

This is how our school was transformed for the ball!
vodka bars, valet parking, ice sculptures, live music--though we have this all the time  haha

Bistro des Amis is a little restaurant on a corner of the Rice Village,
and we always walk by it, but had never actually eaten there.
We were planning on going there for our last date,
but then found out they were closed on Sundays -silly restaurant-
so this time, David called ahead and made a reservation, and etc etc 
to make sure that we would be able to eat there. finally.  haha

And they have this outdoor patio sitting area with these giant fire pillars to keep everyone warm,
and of course, I have always commented on it every time we walked by there  haha
'do you think people's hair will catch on fire if they sit next to it for long enough?'
etc etc.

so naturally,
we sat next to one for the dinner.
and I'm happy to report that my hair did not catch on fire  =p

we started our meal with some escargot because,
well, I had never had it before, 
-David had tried it once, but a very long time ago, so he couldn't remember much-
and I have always been fascinated by it.
So many movie scenes with these little snail things and the foreign contraption that is used to eat them!
--Pretty woman, Princess diaries, etc etc--
I was hoping I would get to experience the foreign contraption used to eat the meal,
but unfortunately (or fortunately?) for us, they were already shelled,
and came out in a bowl with a puff pastry lid.

so I tried one by itself,,
I really wanted to like them, but couldn't.

so I tried another one, with the puff pastry this time,
still couldn't quite get myself to like them.

and then finally tried it with a piece of bread,
and really really tried hard to like it.
but ultimately,

now I know.
I don't like escargot.
what a shame!
I thought I would like them, I really did.

Have you tried escargot?  did you like them?

maybe I would have liked it better if I could have used the escargot contraption thing.
Maybe I'll try them again, a little later when my taste buds have forgotten how they taste a little bit.
I'll just have to make sure they are not pre-shelled next time   haha

For the main meal, we had beef bourguignon, and wow...
these were so good!
so. good.

I do not have the vocabulary of a food critic,
and I'm also not all that critical of food,
--I'll eat just about anything!--
but I do know that these were incredibly delicious!
the meat was incredibly tender, 
but I think my favorite part was actually the sauce.  yuuummm
I guess they boil the meat in red wine for hours and hours?

Maybe we'll try to make it at home   ;)

Well, I hope all of you are staying healthy this weekend!

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