Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Break Part 2 :: Road trip!!

Hello everyone!

The 2nd part of our Spring Break was spent mostly on the road,
from LA to the Bay Area.
We decided to take a little detour though to visit the Danish town of Solvang on our way up,
because our friend Ran recommended it to us,
and we are so glad that we did!!

What a charming and peaceful little town!
and what an incredibly beautiful day to explore!
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves walking around the little downtown, 
visiting the unique shops,
and just generally enjoying the Danish architecture of the place.  =)

Then, we stopped by the Succulent Cafe and Trading Company for lunch!
For some reason, I thought it was a Danish restaurant,
but it was actually French...
We ordered the cheese board, and I remember thinking,
'wow, French and Danish cuisine is really similar!'
ok, so I should've known that it was French as soon as I saw the cheese board,
but in my defense, it is a Danish town afterall!
It was really delicious, and exactly what we were craving after a long morning on the road  =)
windmills, succulents everywhere, amazing cheese and fruits,
silverware with character, and this person  =)

Then, for dessert, we visited Olsen's Danish Village Bakery.
I was determined that we would experience something Danish this time,
-since we were so wrongly cheated out of it for lunch-
and I figured having 'Danish' in the name would guarantee that for us  haha.

We ordered a slice of the Kringle and the Danish waffle 
--because the Kringle is humongous! bottom right picture--
and really enjoyed the Kringle!
The Danish waffle was a tad bit too sweet for us,
but we loved trying both of them!  =)

Then, we walked around and explored different shops on the main street.
It was the strangest thing,
we knew that we were in California,
but pretty frequently, as we were exploring these little shops,
I kept forgetting that fact,,,  it felt so much like we were in a different country!
or perhaps like we were in a different era?

The architecture was so uniformly different (Danish),
the shops were so different,
the food was different,
people at the stores wore different clothes,
the whole town was so peaceful...
cuckoo clocks!  We used to have one at our house when I was a teeny tiny one.

We finished our trip to Solvang by walking through their park and the farmer's market.
The park is dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen,
whom we can thank for such fairytales as the Ugly Duckling, and the Thumbelina among others,
and the farmer's market that was happening right beside it was full of amazing looking fresh produce!
ahh, farmer's markets  =)  gotta love them!
11270 km to Copenhagen!

Then, as we were about to resume our road trip to the Bay Area,
we noticed an Ostrich farm on our left!!
so of course, we did a big U-y and turned around to check it out!

Neither of us had ever seen a live ostrich before,
so obviously, we were uber excited to meet the first ostrich of our lives!
We bought 2 bowls of feed, and went out to meet these birds.
I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't what we experienced.
First of all, these birds are HUGE!
and rather vicious in their quest to get to the feed.
The first ostrich tried to take the bowl away from me,
and it was so strong that it almost succeeded!
Overall, it was a bit scary, but I'm glad we got to experience it anyway  =)

Then, we drove and drove and drove
(well, he drove,, I slept  haha)
and then got to the Monterey beach!
It was really freezing though, especially since we got to it just as the sun was setting...
but it was fun smelling the ocean and walking along the water line  =)

Then, we ended the day with a dinner with Paula and Ted in Saratoga!
what a cute couple  =)

David, Paula, and Ted go waay back to their Berkeley years,
and it's always fun meeting and seeing old friends.
Thanks for the lovely dinner guys!
We'll see you guys soon I'm sure  =)

Well, we're leaving California nice and early tomorrow morning,  
(6 am,,,)
so I should probably go pack and get some sleep..

Happy Friday!

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