Friday, March 8, 2013

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Hello everyone,

This weekend is promising to be quite a weekend!
Rodeo(!! finally experiencing the real Texas!!  haha)
dinner date!, lots of cooking, 
practicing (Mr. Lin is coming back next week,, lessons!),
violinist Kovakos playing the Shostakovich Concerto with the Houston Symphony!!!
--it's my piece!!  love this concerto!!--
I'm so excited for all of them, if you can't tell already by the surplus of exclamation points  haha  =)

and I leave you with this photo of these adorable puppies  =)
they are my neighbor's puppies, and I see them almost every week walking to and from school.
(they double in size every time I see them!)

so anyway, in the spirit of the rodeo,
have a great weekend, ya'll!   ;)

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Darina said...

Cute dogs!