Monday, March 11, 2013

O My Gogi Fries -- 'Jamulet' Version.

Hello everyone,

There is this food truck in Houston, O My Gogi, that has the best fries ever.
Amulet and I crave these like nobody's business.
--and I'm craving them right now because it's almost midnight,
and I have midnight munchies like no other!
I would go to bed, but I'm supposed to be sitting here writing a paper.  after I blog...  haha--

Anyway, the food truck is only near rice from 9pm -2 am or something most nights,
and sometimes it's not there, etc etc,
so basically, it's not there when we crave these fries the most.
So one day, we decided to recreate this at our apartment!

The process was actually pretty simple.

What you need:
Your favorite brand of frozen fries
Your favorite queso
2 or 3 chicken thighs (we used the frozen kind)
Olive oil
1 tsp minced garlic
half of an onion, cut into smallish squares (i'm sure there's a cooking term for this)
lemon pepper spice
Italian seasoning
1 green onion chopped (for topping)
and most importantly, some Sriracha.

First, start by preheating your oven, and bake your fries by following directions on your frozen fries package.

And while that is happening, warm up your skillet, and add some olive oil and garlic.
Once the garlic is golden brown, add your chicken, and generously sprinkle in the lemon pepper and italian seasoning.
Once the chicken looks about done, cut up your chicken into bite-sized pieces,
(we love bite-sized everything at our apartment!  everything is better in small portions!  haha)
and add your onions!
Once your chicken is cooked and your onions are beginning to have the clear-esq look to them,
add some Sriracha (depending on how spicy you want it) and mix mix mix!

This is what ours looked like in the end  =)

By this point, your fries are probably done, so take them out, and arrange them on a plate like so.

On top of the fries, sprinkle (generously) your prepared chicken concoction,
some queso,
(but not too much,, we did too much here)
drizzle some Sriracha,
and top it with the chopped green onions!
and tada~~ 

best comfort food ever?

and here's the O My Gogi version, and the 'Jamulet' version  haha 
Not too shabby, eh?  =p

We noticed afterwards that they also had some cilantro, so you could add that as well,
but the Janny part of the 'Jamulet' is not a big cilantro fan, 
so we'll be keeping our version cilantro free  ;)


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