Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break II!! San Antonio and Castroville!

Hello everyone!

In order to celebrate our Spring Break II,
actually called Spring Recess,
(because Rice is awesome like that and gave us Thursday and Friday off for Easter)
we took a road trip to San Antonio and Castroville!

Before we left, I was uber ambitious, and made some Kimbap for the road;
Mommy used to make these (but the real version) for us all the time,
so I thought I would give it a try.
This isn't the real Kimbap though,
it just had rice and some roasted kale inside it instead of the whole... shebang...
We actually finished the whole thing on the trip out,
so we didn't have any for the way back,,,
well, now we know to make more for our next trip  ;) 

We began the trip by visiting Castroville Regional Park, 
which is less than half an hour away from San Antonio,
and enjoyed a little hike.

It was really gorgeous.
Who would've thought that Texas could be this beautiful?
I mean, when I think Texas I think deserts and barren lands,
but this little stream we found was really green and quite beautiful.

Then, we also found a little playground at the park,
so of course we had to frolic a little  ;)

On our way back, we spotted this,,, tree decoration (?)
can someone explain this to me...?
I'm just a bit confused...

Cora's 471 Grill.
apparently it has the best nachos in Texas.
So obviously had to go there, right?
I mean, it's the best in Texas.  
That's a pretty big claim, eh?

And the verdict?
It was pretty darn great.
but super heavy.
A layer of chips, beans, cheese, meat, tomatoes, and some jalapenos. 
My mouth loved it, but my tummy not so much...

Before we left Castroville for San Antonio,
we stopped by the Haby's Bakery.
because everyone told us that we had to visit this place.
 we got cream cheese and strawberries filled doughnut and this pineapple filled pastry,
and the cream cheese/strawberries doughnut pictured above was pretty darn tasty!
the pineapple one is waiting in my fridge right now, waiting to be tested tonight after dinner  =)

Then, we hit the line of 5 San Antonio Missions.
We were originally going to hit all of them,
but,,,  after two, we called it quits, 
partly due to my stomach having problems with the uber rich food...
My diet is usually pretty light and mostly vegetarian, so it was a bit shocked I think  haha

The ones we visited were awesome though!
I had never seen anything like that before, so it was all fascinating,
and the weather was absolutely perfect for leisurely strolling,
and it was with my man. so I mean, ya, it was pretty great  ;)

The next stop was the River Walk!
I mean, it's one of the things you have to do in San Antonio, right?
It was such a relaxing stroll,
and we walked into a little Italian shop with this charming old Italian man who kept talking to us in Italian.
It was really quite charming  ;)
A trip is not complete without ice cream of some sort afterall,
so we got some raspberry/grapefruit gelato and a cannoli.
my first cannoli!  and it was so good--he assured us that it would be good since it was his mother's recipe  ;)
see?  I told you he was charming.

We wrapped up our break by watching Croods
--highly recommended for some good old pg-rated laughs and warm/fuzzy feeling in your heart--
and it was the perfect break we needed from all the hustle and stress of grad life.

Now we're back, and it's time to get our butts in gear for the last month of school!
 I can't believe Rice ends so early in the year! 
but this last month is going to be...  awesome...  yeah!  haha

I hope you are all enjoying this Easter weekend!
Happy Easter!

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