Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a Guy!

Hello everyone,

So you know that my guy is a bit of a scientist,
--hence the running commentary on all things sciencey during our runs--
and it was an uber exciting week last week for two reasons:

For one, his paper was published in PNAS!
if you don't know what PNAS is, 
-I definitely didn't- 
it is Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
what an intimidating name... 
but anyway, it's quite the prestigious journal, so I was very excited for him.  =)

Then!!  His paper got picked up by Ars Technica the same week!
You can go have a read here.
I thought it was funny that the blog said that both authors were professors at Rice.
It looks like David just skipped his last couple of years of Doctorate and Post-Doc 
and went straight to professorship! =p

Anyway, he is such a hard worker,
--he frequently stays to work in his lab until the wee hours of the morning,, all by his lonesome!--
 and I'm so happy that his work is getting recognized.
What a guy, eh?
I'm pretty proud of him  ;)

To celebrate, we had a night of cupcakes and How I Met Your Mother  =)

he was horrified that he ate the heart decoration  haha  i love how his expression kinda matches the dinosaur's  lol
haha such a goof.  =)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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