Thursday, February 21, 2013

A date...?

Hello everyone!

Spring break isn't until next week, but having had my lesson yesterday,
I feel kinda like I'm already on spring break!  =p

Ah the life of a Musi grad student--
our lives revolve around lessons.
intensive prepping and stressing days up to our lesson,
then rejoicing for a day or two-or more- post lesson (depending on when the next lesson happens).
and when this cycle is disturbed, 
like it was when we had 3 lessons in 6 days, D=
that is when you will witness grad students experiencing variety of panic related psychological episodes...

At the moment, because my lesson won't happen for another 2 weeks,
my rejoicing period post lesson has been extended!
ahhh... I feel like I have so much time to relax and do non-violin related things...
(though if I was smarter, I would start my next lesson prep now so I wouldn't have to kill myself trying to learn whole bunch of new repertoire in a couple of days before my lesson...)

Anyway, I forgot to mention our belated Valentine's Day date in my last post,
so I thought I'd do that today.

I've never really been a 'date' kind of a person--
there was a period of time in my life when I went on a date or two almost every weekend for a month,
and it really wasn't very fun,
so it really turned me off from the whole idea of going on 'dates'.

But David assured me that that was because they were all basically blind dates,
and that blind dates are very different than going on dates with someone you already like.

so... we went on our belated Valentine's Day date last weekend!

We were originally going to go to Benjy's for lunch,
but what we didn't consider was that it was brunch time on a Sunday.
Since we didn't have a reservation, we were told we would have to wait an hour or two,
so instead of waiting, we found a different restaurant in the Rice Village,
the Black Walnut Cafe.
It was super busy, but we chose to sit inside
--since most people wanted the outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather--
so we were still able to chat without having to yell at one another,
and eat in relative peace and (sort of) quiet  =)

After that, since it was such a gorgeous day outside,
we went for a walk in the Rice Village.
We live really close to the Village, and I've driven by the Village so many times,
but I guess I really haven't taken the time to explore the place...?
Because when we did take a stroll around, 
I was pleasantly surprised at how big it was,
and how many cute little shops they had there!

oh, and they had this spiral staircase leading up to the rooftop of this building,
so naturally, we had to go explore it.
I absolutely love spiral staircases!! 
I mean, not only is it just so much cooler than normal staircases,
it's also a better use of space!
(I mean, it'd be hard to move large furniture up and down it,
but who considers those things when they have irrational obsessions?)

I think he was a bit perplexed by my enthusiasm at seeing the spiral staircase,
but he was a good sport about it, as he always is when I'm excited about odd things, 
(and I always seem to be excited about one thing or another,, haha)
 and took photos on it with me  ;)

Next stop?
Because, you know, it's the most important part of any meal. right?
And our choice of dessert that day was crepes!

Sweet Paris Creperie

If you are ever in the mood for crepes, and you happen to be in the Village,
we would highly recommend Sweet Paris Creperie and Cafe  =)
Such a cute little shop!

We got the Nutella strawberry crepe,
 but you can also get a savory crepe and make it into a meal!

obviously happy about our choice of crepe  haha

So I guess David was right,
going on 'dates' (the non-blind kind) isn't so bad after all  =p
in fact, we had a great time!
It was fun just to walk around the village, enjoy the wonderful weather,
eat yummy food, and be goofy together.

Happy Thursday!

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