Friday, May 17, 2013

Korean Birthday Soup and Ironman 3

Happy Friday!!!

When you're not in school, it becomes rather difficult to keep track of the days of the week, don't you think?  haha.  Today, for example, feels like Saturday because last night we went on David's birthday 'date' and I guess I just got really used to doing something like that Friday-Sunday during the school year  =)

So the plan was that I would have the 미역국, aka the Seaweed Soup, aka the Birthday Soup, adventure earlier in the day, and have that and 떡볶이, a rice cake dish ready for dinner by 5:30.   Well, due to certain things happening, like me locking myself out of the apartment--while the stove was on, while Amulet was 4 hours away, while my landlord was out of the country--things got delayed and David ended up helping me wrap up the rice cake dish for dinner  =)
I don't know what's going on with the swoops there with my hair  haha
The soup was definitely an adventure, and as expected, Mom got many "Mommy, how do I...?" phone calls throughout the process.  BUT!!  in the end, it turned out pretty well!

I mean, it didn't taste exactly like Mom's but it was actually pretty good!  And I know it doesn't look all that pretty, but it tastes good, and it's all sorts of good for you  ;)

Our dinner of birthday soup and the rice cake dish.  I was worried what the birthday boy would think of the seaweed soup, since,,, well, it's not the most common thing in the U.S., but he ate it up like a seasoned Korean!  haha

After dinner, we opened some presents, and I had a lot of fun laughing at David struggling with the packaging  =p

I had been hearing a lot about Stickygram, and I was quite intrigued by the idea, so I got him some that chronicled our year together  =)  I thought they did a really great job, they were really quite cute, and most importantly, he loved them!  Such a great way to have pictures displayed in your house (kitchen)!  I miss the days when we used to print pictures all of the time.  At home, we have albums after albums of my childhood, but since we got the digital camera, we never print photos anymore... so sad...  So I think this is a great way to 'print' pictures (in a more displayable way too!) in today's digital camera world!

Another thing he opened was the board game, the Amazing Labyrinth!   I learned about this game when I was visiting friends in Nebraska, (post here) and it was so much fun!!  The board we used was kind of falling apart because it was so old, but everyone thought that they had discontinued the game, so it couldn't be replaced.  I had wanted to get him some board game to continue the tradition of having game nights, so I was ecstatic when I saw this in the game store in the Rice Village!  
We tried it out before we headed to Ironman 3!

We snapped this picture in the middle of the game sometime, and it was a good thing too, because then we realized that we were running late for Ironman 3, and all thoughts of picture taking went out the window as we hurried to the theater.

We actually both really enjoyed Ironman 3!!  Of course, there were a lot of things getting blown up, people getting pummeled, and people surviving things they shouldn't survive, etc.  But what I really appreciated about the film was that they incorporated a lot of humor into the movie.  It would be really intense, really intense, really intense, then all of the sudden, bam, and we would be cracking up at something or other.  And I thought that Robert Downey Jr. did a really great of bringing in that humorous, charming side to the movie.  If you're in the mood for an action summer blockbuster, we would highly recommend this one!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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