Friday, May 3, 2013

some girl time

Hello everyone,

You know how once you start a new relationship, you inevitably end up spending all of your free time with your significant other?  And it's really great because that's when you really begin to get to know the person you are dating, and it's definitely a good sign that you guys don't get sick of one another even though you spend so much time together.  However, once in awhile, it's important to take some time off and spend some quality time with your girlfriends.
"Oh, but we don't just hang out with one another, we hang out in groups too!"
No, no.  I'm talking about some 'girl time', as in just girls.  some time when you can do all the 'girly' things together and talk about all the stuff that can only be talked about when you put just the girls together.  Even if you aren't the girliest of girls--trust me, I was the biggest tomboy in my neighborhood growing up--, and even if you don't talk about the 'girly' things --like boys... or,,, perfume?  I don't even know because like I said, I'm not the girliest of girls-- the chemistry is just different when you don't have testosterone in the mix.

So these last two weeks, Amulet and I took some time off from our boys and spent some quality time together.  Not that we needed to be away from our boys or anything, and we didn't necessarily plan these things initially as a 'girls night out' kind of outings, but that's kind of what it turned out to be, and it was really nice!

one of the first things we did, was to get our haircuts together last week.
We went to this place.
Somebody please tell us how to pronounce this name?  the only thing we can make out by ourselves is rather politically inappropriate..  haha

Anyway, we really liked the place;  the ladies were really nice, I was fascinated by their way of speaking--it was very soft, and had this gentle, rolling way about it--,and we were overall happy with our haircuts  =)
Amulet's short hair, and my trimmed, blow-dried, and straightened hair
Then, a couple of days ago, we spent ALL day at the mall.
This mall, Galleria, in Houston is HUGE!!
We got so lost (several times) trying to locate the stores we wanted to visit (Nordstrom and Macy's), got taken hostage by one of the kiosk sellers (he shook my hand and literally would not let go!  frightening), got free facials together (where Amulet looked like a Victorian era baby with her hair net thing), and overall, just had a really nice girl time together.

I thought I did a pretty spectacular job in terms of resisting temptation at the mall, especially since we went to the TOMS section, and I've been wanting a pair for so long!!! but my willpower just crumbled when I saw this cheetah print blouse.  AAHH  I mean, look at them.  There was no way I could say no.  Especially since it's my animal! (Once a couple friends and I were having a conversation about what kind of an animal we were like, and everyone unanimously voted that cheetah was my animal when it came to be my turn. Though I would have preferred it to be wolf, cheetah has stuck, and it's grown on me  haha)

Anyway, it was a great day running all over the Galleria with the roomy, and we both came back with a glow that can only come from having some quality 'girl time'.

Then yesterday, I got to go on a lunch date with this lovely lady!
Yvonne and I met way in the beginning of the year when she was assigned to train me at my new job as a record tech at school, and it's always a treat to be around someone who is so genuinely sincere and sweet.  We went for lunch at Hungry's Cafe, which was uber exciting since I had wanted to try it out since beginning of the year! Their 'thing' is that they only use fresh, local produce, and I'm always up for supporting local farms and businesses!  ;)

We each got wraps for our lunch, and I experienced my first 'wedge salad'.  The wrap was quite delicious, and though I wasn't too impressed by the salad --glorified iceberg lettuce--  I really enjoyed how fresh the veggies were in my wrap.

And or course, I really loved the company.  Yvonne is a bit of an essential oils guru, and though I don't know much about them yet, I'm beginning to learn more and more about their benefits and uses from her.  I've never been a huge fan of taking drugs and medications to treat symptoms and illnesses, so if there's an alternative, more holistic way of approaching 'treating' an illness, I'm all ears!  I've only just begun to use the oils, so I don't really know much about them, but I have to say, so far, it has done wonders in helping with my frequent indigestion and different rashes!  I'll let you know how I like them as I use them more in the future!  Do any of you use essential oils?  How do you like them?

As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!

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