Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hello everyone,

I walked into our apartment earlier today and thought, "man! it's chilly in here!"  The thermometer told me it was 78 degrees inside.  Just a little perspective on exactly how hot it is outside right now in Houston...  I'm sure I'm going to miss this 90 degree weather when we get to Seattle and it's like 60 degrees, but for now, I'm really looking forward to Seattle weather!

Anyway, you may be noticing a pattern here; Houston summer heat = BBQ pool parties!!
There's really no way around it folks.  It's just waaay too hot here.  You can check out the last pool party here.

This one was held at Chris's apartment complex, and per usual, there were many munchies, beer, lounging around the pool and the hot tub (only for a little bit because it was too hot...), and of course, Houdini!!

Sai and Emily brought him this gigantic biscuit that was about half as big as Houdini  haha  and of course the little guy was in heaven--I've never seen a happier dog at a BBQ  ;)

 We always try so hard to get a photo with this one, but never seem to succeed in getting that shot that you would see in a pet magazine with the little dude.  It's really a shame because Houdini is SO adorable in person!!  if only we could get him to sit still long enough to snap a decent photo...   

After we've had our fill, we spent the rest of the day lounging about in this amazing pool.  Amulet was fully into the whole swimming thing so she was diving and swimming around like a little red haired mermaid while Emily and I lounged around in the shallow end making sure to not get our hair wet (we were going to an opera later that night, and we didn't feel like messing with washing our hair and the whole bit).  Emily's hair escaped unscathed, but I'm afraid pretty soon after this photo was taken, I was picked up bodily and thrown into the pool by David... so much for keeping my hair dry...  love you too dear.  You can totally see the mischief in his face right there in the last photo!  haha

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend, and that you're staying cool!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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