Monday, April 29, 2013

Game Night!

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday, we held a little game night/double date at our apartment with our respective boys  =)

oh, and Houdini was there too!  Can't forget about Houdini!

We began by playing "Ticket to Ride" which was a new game to both Amulet and I, but we ended up really enjoying ourselves.  Houdini wanted to help move our pieces along the board, but then got captured by David   haha

Though we put up a valiant effort, the game was dominated by David. by a lot.  I think in the end he doubled our points or something...   It's ok, we'll play again, and the results shall be different!! ;)

We chowed down on so many munchies, including this scrumptious baked brie we made while we were playing the game.  Who would've thought that puff pastry, some jam, and brie could make such an incredible dip?  

Though we have to warn you, it's quite rich,,,  so after we gulfed this down, we moved on to some Twister action to burn some calories  ;)
We take Twister very seriously in this household.  So stretching beforehand is a must!  haha

The game started out pretty tame, though I was the first person out during the first round...
but look at this synchronization!  first, it's David and Chris, then it's David and Amulet! 

 And then, things got a little more,,, twisted

We played two rounds of this,-the second round was a bit less civilized, and all three of us ended up piling on top of one another and then falling down-and having decided that we had burned enough calories from laughing so much, we moved onto the Settlers of Catan.  LOVE this game!

Everyone was pretty civilized throughout the whole game, trading with everyone for everything they needed, nomming on more of the baked brie and cookies, and laughing at Houdini's antics.  He really likes hiding under the table and poking his head up into our hands as we're counting the cards   haha

However, all of this civilized behavior changed when we realized that Amulet was waay in the lead and was only 1 point away from winning!
Then we ordered a full-on trade embargo, and we were able to keep her from winning for a couple more turns.  This is probably when we were laughing the hardest.  I needed brick, and I kept asking if anyone had brick to trade, and Amulet kept yelling out "I have brick!!" but of course, none of us could trade with her.  I think in the course of next couple of turns, I asked for brick about 10 times because nobody else had brick, and by the end, all of us were rolling on the floor laughing at Amulet yelling out "I have brick! just take my brick! Janny you never listen to me!  Everyone has selective hearing in this room!!"
Granted, it was past 2 am, so that might have added to the hilarity of the situation, but we thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless  =D

It was such a fun night, and we're planning on doing it again soon.  Any other games you would recommend?  Let us know, and we'll definitely give it a go at our next game night!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

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