Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life via food

Hello everyone,

We've been able to try a few more of our pinterest recipes recently, and we're happy to report that both of them have passed the test and will soon be moving onto the "Tried and Loved" recipes board today!

The first recipe we tried was a deep dish cast iron pizza recipe!  We have often talked about our love for stuffed crust pizzas, and how usually we're the only ones in the group who likes them,,,  (this is why we're roommates) needless to say, we were SO excited to try this recipe when we found it a couple of weeks ago!   Also, we absolutely adore bbq chicken pizzas at our apartment, so we borrowed David's cast iron skillet, and got to work!

First we made the dough, which was surprisingly easy, and it had grown more than twice in size when we got back home from grocery shopping--thank you, Houston, for being warm and humid..?  (did we just say that?)

We always take forever at HEB because Amulet and I both love trying all of the samples that they have there (and there are so many!!)  I swear we try every single station every time we go... samples are the best! no?  ;)  haha

And then, it was time to make our stuffed crust BBQ chicken pizza!!

And as you could probably guess from our love of stuffed crust pizzas,,, we adore cheese at our apartment! more cheese the merrier!!  so we heaped some cheese on top of our pizza, and into the oven it went!

and this beauty came out!!
we were beyond excited!
look at this beauty! 

and of course, the best part, the stuffed crust!!

The only thing we would change for the recipe would be to cut the dough recipe in half.  As much as we loved the pizza, it was a bit too heavy in the bread department for our taste...  but otherwise, such a good idea, and we absolutely loved the stuffed crust!

The next recipe we tried was this Homemade Wheat Thins recipe.
I used to LOVE Wheat Thins when I was little!  Wait a minute, who am I kidding, I still love them!  but you know, once you get a bit older and start thinking about your girly figure, chowing down boxes and boxes of Wheat Thin every week no longer becomes an option...  (says the girl who just made and thoroughly enjoyed the stuffed crust pizza...  haha)

Anyway, this is slightly butterier than the store-bought version, but when has that ever been a bad thing??
They were really fun and simple to make, and everyone loved them when we brought them to the pool/BBQ party last weekend!
We followed the recipe exactly, and we would highly recommend it!
where did that squiggle come from?  haha
So the crips were not very uniform in size, shape, or thickness, but I personally like them that way.  It has more character, no?  ;)

deliciously buttery, nutty (I don't know, but I always think whole wheat things always have a bit of a nutty flavor,, is that weird?), and slightly salty  =)   a perfect 'healthy' snack!

nom nom!!!
I hope you've all been having a wonderful week!

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