Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going on a date is pretty great... so... how about 3 dates at the same time?

Hello everyone,

Last weekend, I went on my first triple date ever!  I've come a long way from disliking dates, ya? haha
It was Amulet, Emily, and I with our respective boys, and it was so much fun!

the couples

We went to Tofu Village (our favorite Korean restaurant so far in Houston) and introduced the Soondooboo Jjigae to our fellow daters.  There were, of course, other dishes there too, and the fish side dish was by far the most popular one with the boys  haha

As usual, we ate so much that we couldn't breathe.  This happens every single time we come here (last ones were documented here and here) and though I tell myself every time I visit that I will practice self restraint, that never seems to happen...
the whole crew

 After that, we went to visit this NU Ice place located in the same plaza.  I forget what the name was, but it had this amazing ice cream/snow cone hybrid that tasted absolutely amazing.  It was creamy like ice cream, but it came in sheets and sheets of really thin ice shavings piled on top of one another, so it was actually really light!  The best way to describe it (as I already have in Instagram), is that it's like ice cream and snow cone got together and had a baby!
David and I had green tea NU Ice with mango syrup and mango chunks (yes, so Asian, we know), and Amulet and Chris had coffee one with brownie chunks and some nuts.

The fact that we finished both of these plates--even though our tummys were already bursting from Tofu Village--tells you just how good these things were!

And there had to be more pictures  ;)
aww Emily and Sai are so cute  =p
bottom picture. look carefully and you'll find someone photobombing while taking the photo  haha
It was such a great night, and I look forward to more triple date-ness soon!!  =)
I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far, and thanks for dropping by!

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