Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time being with your friends and loved ones as we celebrate the lives of the men and women who gave up their lives so that we could enjoy this freedom today!  

Instead of celebrating the day at a BBQ with friends, or perhaps a parade, I'm finishing up packing and then catching a plane back home with my boy!  ahhhhh I am so excited!  =D   I can't wait to see my family!! my puppy!! and also for them to meet David!  =)   the whole meet-the-parents process begins!  haha

This week (and also most of the weekend) was full of packing, packing, and some more packing...
but my room has never been cleaner!  haha   
Thankfully, I didn't have to move my furniture or take down all of the decorations because the person who is subletting my room wanted a 'furnished' bedroom.  She sounds like a very sweet person, so I feel content leaving most of my things in her care.

In between packing though, I did get some friend time in before I leave for the summer  =)

I will miss you all!!  but at least we'll all see each other again in a couple of months!  ;)

Oh, and we also got some pooch lovin' time with Houdini (Chris's Italian Greyhound), and Carmella, another puppy he is fostering.  I'm always a happy camper whenever I get to hang out with puppies, and Houdini is just such a charmer, so this was pretty awesome!  You can see Houdini in action here and here
HAHA Carmella's ear!
When David and I took Carmella on a walk, she insisted that she walk right in between us the whole time!  We kept asking her, 'don't you want to go sniff things Carmella?'  'don't you want to go run ahead and explore?'  but nope.  She wanted to stay right in between us, and wasn't interested in anything else.  Is this what well-trained dogs are like?  David and I both grew up with black lab mixes who could best be described as 'lovable terrors', so we were definitely at a loss.  What is this business of calm dog-walking? 

Anyway, to celebrate my last night in Houston, we had another game night!
This time, we played the "Amazing Labyrinth" that David got for his birthday and it was such a hit!  We liked it so much that we played it twice!  (we can usually only bear to play a board game once before we move onto the next one)
The object of the game is to acquire all of the objects on the cards that you are dealt in the beginning, but things are complicated by the fact that every other rows of the labyrinth are movable... and because 4 people are moving the boards at different times, things like the bottom left corner picture can happen, where you get hopelessly stuck with no chance of getting to your next object.  All of us went through the phase Amulet is going through in the picture basically every other minute where we just despair and groan as others move the board and completely destroy your plan of getting to your object!  haha  ;)

It was such a fun night with lots of chips, guac, iron skillet chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream.  After all, what is game night without lots and lots of junk food!  right??  =)

Happy Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

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