Monday, May 13, 2013

Flying with instruments

Hello everyone,

I love traveling, and though I know that many people usually don't like to travel via airplanes, I actually didn't mind flying at all; it was the fastest way to get me to where I wanted to go, and once I got on the plane, I immediately fell asleep anyway, so I never minded the 'discomfort' of being squeezed into the "teeny tiny living space."  However, all of this changed once I started to travel with my violin.

Traveling is an unavoidable part of being a musician in today's world, and more often than not, the medium we have to choose is the airplane.  I mean, when you only have a day in between concerts or festivals, and you have to go from New York to, say San Francisco, what other means of travel can you choose?

Yet there are so many (really, too many) horror stories about instrumentalists trying to travel by air.  I have personally experienced missing the flight I had paid for because they would not let me on board with my violin, countless other instrumentalists friends of mine have experienced the same, and there have also been heart breaking stories about extremely valuable instruments getting completely destroyed by the baggage handlers.

One of my teachers from undergrad-Greg Beaver of the Chiara String Quartet-started this petition to implement laws that are designed to protect musical instruments as we travel, and it would be so wonderful if you could take couple seconds to sign and support this cause.  This is an important cause for anyone who loves listening to live music, as well as for those of us who make a living bringing live music to audiences around the world.

click HERE to show your support!
Thanks so much, and happy Monday!

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