Thursday, May 9, 2013

BBQ take II!

Hello everyone!

Last night, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Texas style, at the best BBQ party ever.
Rick and Berk threw another one of their crazy BBQ parties (you can see the last one here) and once again, they did not disappoint!
It was the perfect day to have a BBQ too!  Perks of being in Texas -- while my friends up north are dealing with snow in May, we can frolic about in summer dresses!  Please let us enjoy this moment of 'haha! we have better weather than you!' as this will not last for very long. we'll be having 100 degree weather with 100% humidity soon enough...

As it was last time, the BBQ was full of meat--complete with Rick going around offering a plate of bacon to everyone--, lots of beer, lots of food in general, and of course, lots of chillin.
Sorry for the lack of photos... When the first thing you get offered when you get there is a jello shot, some things get forgotten along the way  haha

Jello shot!

the deceptively spicy and amazing pulled pork

haha  my goof  ;)
 One thing that was quite different from last time was the fact that there were so many puppies there this time around!  And of course, that just makes everything so much more enjoyable!
 And where do you find happiest puppies?  At the BBQ of course!  with lots of people willing to feed them scraps of meat!
Poor-lucky- Houdini's belly was so big by the end  haha

And though Houdini was not too interested in these 9 and 10 month old puppies, they were quite interested in one another, much to everyone's amusement.  =)

AHHH I can't wait to see my puppy soon!!!!   Only 2 more weeks or so until I get to hold my McKinley man again!!

Anyway, there were a couple of us who attended Interlochen together during our high school years, so we decided to take the 'Inty love' photo.  Only when I got home, did I realize that every single time I've been involved in the 'Inty love' photo, it's always been the same four people!!
so I thought I'd group the three photos together:  first taken during the first week or so of school, second taken sometime in the middle of the school year, and the last one taken last night  =)
Totally not planned, we promise.  but we make a pretty cute Inty group, don't you think?  haha

The Interlocheners!  and Toby in the last photo  =)

My favorite part of this may be the fact that it shows all sorts of different stages of Conrad's beard growth  haha   ;)  I can't remember how many times I've walked by Conrad this year without realizing it was him because he had gone from the second photo stage to completely clean-shaven!! 

We came home having thoroughly enjoyed and stuffed ourselves, and then passed out on the bed pretty much right away.  Why is it so tiring being outdoors even when you do nothing but stand around, eat, and chill?  I don't understand...

Anyway, it was such a great evening; thanks Rick and Berk for hosting another incredible BBQ!  ;)
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

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