Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recital Completed!

Hello everyone!

My recital is now over, and I am now completely at a loss as to what to do with myself!
The week leading up to it was absolutely hectic;
Overall, I consumed A LOT of ice cream during the week,
I had my recital run through,
I performed in the studio recital,
Mommy came to visit,
so did my cousins Narae and Chang,
and so did Abers to audition,
then I was up until almost 2 the night before the recital writing program notes
(why do I ALWAYS think these things will take less time than they actually do?),
and then it was the RECITAL!!!

and now it's over. and I feel like the school year should be over...
but alas, it's only the beginning of the semester.
So. Odd.

Anyway, here are some photos from the week to remember  =)

As I am sure you are all expecting by now,
there was a lot of eating involved.
I mean, most of my family was here + Abers, 
so food was definitely going to be a big part of our week here together  haha
As soon as I picked up Mommy, Narae, and Chang from the airport,
we headed to a restaurant!
Yay Chuy's!
It was quite delicious, and we ate until we couldn't breathe.
Though we had to wait 30 torturous minutes to be seated,
 we all agreed that it was worth it  =)

Then, the next night, we stayed in as a big family,
and turned Gom Gook mentioned in this post, into a Dduck Gook!
It makes Amulet a little uncomfortable that the Gom Gook has been boiling for a whole week  haha
But I swear the stew gets better with each passing day!
And by the time it was turned into a Dduck Gook!!! 
Ahh.. heaven.
and yay for getting to taste Mommy's cooking again!
one giant, happy, goofy family  =)

And we also had lunch at La Madeleine.
We loved the atmosphere in this restaurant so much!
Such a chill, Frenchy-rustic environment  =)

And of course, we had a lot of ice cream.
and visited the Chocolate Bar again.
Their Snowberry ice cream = AMAZING.
chocolate covered strawberries made into ice cream form.
can't go wrong there!

Then, there was the recital!!
It was such a great experience because now I know that I can put together a recital in what I thought to be an incredibly short amount of time,
and also able to give a recital with only 1 lesson on more than a third of the program.
Usually, I have multiple lessons to get ready for a recital,
so I was quite terrified about not being ready enough with 1 lesson,
but now I know that I can do it!

But I have to say, BOY am I glad it's over!

but it was definitely an incredible experience, and actually a lot of fun!  =)
And I felt so much support from everyone who came to watch the recital!
Thanks so much guys! 
I feel so loved and blessed to know all of you!

After the recital with my roomy, Mommy, and Narae!

And I can't say how incredibly blessed I am to have Abers and David in my life.
Like I said, I ended up working on the recital program notes until 2 am,
and these two stayed up and made all of the baked goods for the reception for me!
I don't even know what I would have done without these two.
You guys are the absolute best, and I love you guys!!!   =D
hehe  such goofs  =)

To celebrate, we (of course) went to eat.  
Tofu village!
We came here last when Abers was here,
and that time, we ended up eating so much that all of us were seriously in pain...
This time, we ate quite a bit as well, but I think we were better about restraining ourselves  haha
It was so good though!
And it was that much better because Yvonne joined us!
She played the Beethoven and the Poulenc with me on the recital, 
and she played so wonderfully  =)
I'm so glad we got to work together this past semester!
such a lovely group  =)

Thanks again everyone who came out for all of your support!
and also for these lovely flowers!
They brighten up our apartment so much, and makes me smile every time I walk by them  =)
So beautiful...

Hope you all have a wonderfully happy week!  =)
Thanks for stopping by!

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