Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rice Ballroom Formation Team's 1st performance!

Hello everyone!

Last night was

The Rice Ballroom Formation Team performed at the USA Dance's Red Hot Ballroom event,
and I can't tell you how much fun we all had!
Discovering the Rice Ballroom Formation Team was such a blessing for me, because when I left UNL, 
I had figured that my ballroom dancing days were over,
at least on a performance/team sort of a level.
I had thought that I had come to accept that chapter of my life being over, after having spent so much time during undergrad being a part of UNL's Ballroom Dance Company,
but seeing how ecstatic I was to find that it didn't have to be over, I was obviously not ready  =)

After a quick run through at the performance space,
the majority of the team went out for dinner together.

What makes a team so fun to be a part of is obviously the people involved,
and in that aspect, I think the Rice team is golden!
There are 16 of us total, plus our wonderful coach Angel,
and I'm so excited to spend more time with them and go social dancing together in the future.

The event was held at the Arabia Shriner Temple,
and it was a gorgeous space for a night of dancing!
and boy, I have never seen so many dancers in one space!
--again, everything is bigger in Texas..?

see what I mean?  so many dancers!!

The team had a table (actually 2) to ourselves,
mostly for our things because all of us were dancing practically the whole night!  =)

our team!

And of course, before dancing started, we had to take pictures,
so let the picture taking begin!

With Samantha and Karen

6 of 8 ladies on the team

Paatna!   David and I

All 8 ladies!  Wendy, Samantha, Yoko, Emily, Karen, myself, Michelle, Sophia

David and I; Peter and Karen; Abeer and Emily demonstrating our last pose  =)

After a couple of hours of social dancing, 
and watching some show cases,
it was our turn to show off our routine!

annd... costume change!!

Flapper Pocahontas costume   haha

and then our routine!!
I think it was the best we've ever danced it  =)
It's always nerve-racking going into a performance, especially when you've only had a couple of weeks to work on it, but it turned out so well, we all had a blast, and the audience LOVED it!
It's such a high, dancing up there, hearing the changes in the cheering from the audience as you execute certain moves...
and they cheered and went wild at all the right places   ;)

Foxtrotting to "All That Jazz" from Chicago

Then, of course, we had to have a little team photo shoot  =)

the ladies!!!

the men, with Angel   =D

lookin so sharp!  lol   oh Abeer... couldn't stop laughing

and the best Rice Ballroom Formation Team eva!   =)

If you would like to watch our performance, go here!
Thanks for reading!
Happy Sunday!

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