Monday, September 10, 2012

Experimental Kitchen

Hello everyone!
I never spent that much time in the kitchen growing up,
and Amulet really hasn't either,
so when we got together to be roomies,
our kitchen was bound to be a place of...  (most likely disastrous) experimental adventures...
Thus it was named, the "Experimental Kitchen"

Though it has truly been a bit of a disastrous journey thus far--
sliced fingers on both of our parts, burns, spillages (many, many of these), etc--
it has also been a productive one! 
and we've been eating so well!

Homemade tomato soup--piping hot liquid + blender + Janny = burns and spillages..// French Toast--Amulet's Saturday morning creation// Homemade tortilla chips, queso, and whole bunch of Korean food--obviously Janny's creation (though it was more of an 'open the packages' kind than an authentic 'creation')// Crispy Black Bean Fritters in the making!--a staple at our apartment.  So healthy and so good!.

A Feast with our friend Yvonne!
tomato soup, grilled cheese, fritters, and Yvonne's awesome potato salad!
we were all so. incredibly. full. afterwards.
A wonderful evening of yummy food and great company  =)

When it's just the two of us, we start by acting like we are going to be eating at the dining table 
(like the top photo), 
but that usually never happens as we slowly migrate over to the couch to watch
either Grey's Anatomy or Tudors...

Yay food!!  haha

Recently, we've also gotten into baking.
So here is our first baking creation, the Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread.

 and also our first Nutella Muffins  =) 
We resisted buying Nutella for so long... but we should've known we couldn't resist forever...

 the finished product!!

 So...  if you are around the Rice area,
please stop by the Blueberries Apt and take some of these baked goods!!
For our girly figures' sake!  ;)
Happy Monday everyone!

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