Monday, September 17, 2012

Foulger Institute Concert Video!

Hello everyone!

I was recently informed that all of the student and faculty performance concerts from Foulger International Music Festival are now on Youtube!
And of course, the Mary Foulger Institute concert is up as well!
Since I know some of you have tried and unfortunately failed to stream it live during the summer, 
I thought I'd share it here  =)

For some reason, Blogger won't let me find it through its 'upload video' app, 
but here is the link to the video.
The first piece is the Brahms Piano Quartet #3 in c minor played by
Anton Miller-Violin, Bryan Tyler-Viola, Allison Eldredge-Cello, and Jeremy Jordan-Piano.
The second piece is the Brahms Piano Quartet #2 in A Major played by
Kurt Mundstedt-Violin, Matthew Sinno-Viola, Keith Williams-Cello, and Max Levinson-Piano.
The last piece is the Brahms Piano Quartet #1 in g minor played by
Janny Joo-Violin, Hsin-Yun Huang, Viola, Allison Eldredge-Cello, and Alex Beyer-Piano.

It brought back such fond memories, and I ended up watching the whole thing tonight
instead of studying for my music history exam.. oops!  haha
I hope you enjoy it!  =D

Oh, also, when I looked up the video, instead of giving me the video I wanted, it actually lead me to this little news clip from the New Jersey Arts News!
I had never seen this news clip being aired, and had quite forgotten about this interview, but here it is!
Thank you New Jersey Arts News for coming to our dress rehearsal!
(but really, did you have to pick that moment of my 'just about to speak' face as the cover shot..? haha)

Happy Monday!

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