Friday, September 7, 2012

Grow little plant, grow!

Hello everyone!

I think it's really wonderful having other living things at home living among the human beings.
(other than any of the rodent family, or any of the insect types...)
Since we can't have little puppies at our apartment, 
we decided to look for living things of the plant variety.
I would have opted for a bamboo plant,
(they are the hardiest, I heard, and I am not the best at keeping things alive..)
but Amulet had this packet called the 'Matchstick Garden' of wildflowers.

and it even comes with pretty simple looking instructions!

So we decided to invest in a little pot, and stuck two of the matchsticks in there.

and we watered it.
and we waited.
and we checked on it every day.
sometimes twice a day.
and waited some more...

but it didn't change one bit!
I mean, I think we waited for like... 2 weeks!!
ok, maybe it was only a week... I'm not sure, but it was a LONG time!
I don't know how farmers do it every year,,, waiting for these plants...

 And then, one day, I ran into the kitchen at Amulet's "OMG Janny, come look!!"
to find...

Isn't it so cute?!?!
it's so little!!!

We're not sure if it's actually a wildflower or if it's just a weed that got carried in from outside,
and we are desperately hoping that it is one of the wildflower seeds.
However, if it is a weed, it has got to be the most beloved weed in this whole entire universe.
We love it so!  =D

Happy Friday!

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