Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ares and Grandpa

Hello everyone,

Remember the picture of two fish in this post?
Now that we've kept them alive for more than 2 weeks now,
I feel a little more comfortable about writing to introduce you all to the newest additions to our apartment;
Ares and Grandpa.

It all happened on one fateful night when we made a late night Walmart trip.
I don't even remember what we needed exactly,
but I do know that in the course of the trip,
we stumbled upon the fish isle.

For me, it was a new discovery because I didn't even know Walmarts carried fish!

I'm still not sure how we ended up in that isle;
perhaps we were drawn by the ridiculously loud gangsta rap music.
I have never been a fan of ridiculously loud gangsta rap music,
but late at night, when you've been browsing Walmart for hours,
it makes for a really great head bopping dance session.

So that's exactly what we did, Amulet and I.
I'm not sure if I'm disappointed, or extremely thankful, that there are no pictures of that impromptu head bopping, hands waving, hip-hop-wannabe dance session to blaring gangsta rap music between a red head and an asian girl in the Walmart fish isle...
probably the latter...?   haha

So the decision to bring home these new additions to our apartment was made
as we stood there, breathless from laughing so hard at our attempts at being gangsta.
Best time to make decisions, no?  =)

It was actually a pretty quick decision when it came to picking which fish was with whom.
I was immediately drawn to this blue fish who was going nuts in his tank,
flaring up at everyone and every fish he could see.
What a feisty one!  =D

Amulet was drawn to this red fish who was as calm as a cucumber.
We would put them next to each other, and my fish would go nuts trying to fight the red fish,
and the red fish would be so chill about everything!

the picture below pretty much sums up their personalities.
Hence they were named;
Ares and Grandpa.
Ares.                                                                        Grandpa.

After we brought them home,
I had a mini panic attack because I had never had fish, and all of the warnings and instructions online seemed so dramatic!

don't do this, or your fish will die.
do this, or your fish will die.
if you do even a little bit of this, your fish will die.
if it's too hot, your fish will die.
if it's too cold, your fish will die.
don't feed him too much, or your fish will die.
feed him too little, and your fish will die.

why are they so fragile?   D=

Amulet, on the other hand, was super chill about it.
no panics there.
we were drawn to our fish for a reason?  lol

I'm happy to say, however, that we have both kept our little water beings alive and well for the past 2 weeks or so without too much problem!
and they seem pretty happy to be in their new homes.  =)

I had never expected to become so attached to fish!
I had always thought of them as very boring,
but they actually have so much personality,
and they do interact with you!
No, they are not going to fetch tennis balls (actually, my dog doesn't do this either..)
or snuggle with you, or ask you to pet them,
but I've quite enjoyed seeing Ares zip around his bowl and puffing up whenever he sees me.  =)
what a handful, that one!

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for reading!

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