Friday, September 14, 2012

Grad Life in Snapshots

Life lately...

1. Our Half Price Books visit. Amulet was faced with a difficult decision,, you have to be looking at this calendar for a whole year after all!// 2. Amulet's impromptu midnight car washing (it was definitely a "wait,, are you serious?" moment for me.  lol) // 3. Grad life comes with stress; must take care of our skin! and act like aliens.// 4. wishing we had a record player at home...

5.  My new car!! still nameless..//  6. The first 'I go here' sticker of my life.//  7. Ares and Grandpa. (Blog post to come soon.)//  8. Study table with brownies.//  9-10.  Christiano and I studying and being distracted by the awesome Ciacconna recording!

Happy Friday!

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