Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bach Ciaccona with... Choir!!

Hello everyone,
As violinists, one of the most difficult, yet incredibly rewarding, pieces to work on would have to be 
the Ciaccona from Bach's 2nd Partita for Solo Violin.

My friend Christiano just introduced me to this incredible recording of the Ciacconna with a choir,
(we got distracted from studying for Renaissance Music History...)
and I just HAD to share!

This project began with professor Helga Thoene's theory that this Ciaccona was written with hidden messages composed of different snippets of Lutheran hymns, 
and that this message was an epitaph for his wife who suddenly passed away while he was away on a trip.
While some critiques are skeptical about the theory, 
the recording project that developed from it is incredible...

I hope you enjoy this recording of the Ciaccona!

Happy Wednesday!

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