Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brahms and Houston Symphony

Hello everyone,

Last weekend, Christiano and I had the pleasure of attending 
one of Houston Symphony's Brahms concerts!  
They are doing a whole cycle of Brahms, and I believe it was their 2nd concert of the cycle..?
(So much Brahms in my life right now...)
The program consisted of the 
Variations on a Theme of Haydn,
Violin and Cello Double Concerto,
and the 4th Symphony.

One of the first concerts I ever watched included Sarah Chang and Yo-Yo Ma playing the double concerto,
 and as you can imagine, ever since then, that concerto has always held a special place in my heart.
so I couldn't have asked for a better program for my first Houston Symphony experience!!

Christiano and I.  so excited for the night!!
even though parking was so. difficult to find  haha

frolicking before the concert

Student Rush tickets = 3rd row?  

That's our Orchestral Repertoire professor at Rice!! Mr. Halen, the Concertmaster!

After the wonderful performance by Frank Huang (Violin) and Brinton Smith (Cello),
we had our dinner during the intermission.
Which, we found all laid out for us on this cute little coffee table!

It was really good, and we quite enjoyed our dinner,
but we found that there just wasn't enough time to fully enjoy the meal during the intermission time..
We ended up being the last people out in the lobby still eating,
and since we felt like they were waiting for us to start,
we just gulped down our food and took random seats in the middle of the hall.

It turns out, it sounds much better a little further back!
And there we enjoyed the Brahms Symphony #4   =)

They have so many awesome concerts coming up,
and I can't wait to attend as many of them as I can!
If you are around the Houston area, I would highly recommend spending a night at Jones Hall
with the Houston Symphony.
It makes for a really wonderful evening!  =)
Thanks for stopping by!

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