Friday, October 5, 2012

September Snapshots

Hello everyone!

I can't believe it's already October! 
Where has the time gone..?

It's been getting pretty busy around here with the midterms and everything,
but I leave you with some snapshots from September =)

1. The view from my practice room at Rice  =)  not bad, huh?// 2. It rains quite a bit here, surprisingly... but that means I get to wear my rain boots!  There's a certain sense of invincibility when you're in rain boots--I mean, usually I have to be so careful about stepping around puddles (and there are MANY of them here) but when you're in rain boots, you don't have a single worry in the world  ;)

3. One perk of parking underneath a gigantic tree? finding odd things like this pair of leaves sticking sideways out of the trunk of my car.. how in the world did this happen??  Other odd things I find (perhaps not as welcome..?) include lots and lots of bird droppings...  sigh..  my poor car...// 4. My new job!  I work as a recording tech at school, and I get to listen to a bunch of concerts and get paid for it!  Though there is quite a bit of pressure there since you don't want to mess up someone's recording!// 5. and... so many buttons to push in this job...// 6. Amulet's pile of snackies after her Trader Joe's trip.  Can you blame her? it was the opening night of first ever Trader Joe's in Houston!  lol   but I had to take a picture of this mountain of food when she got back  haha!

Happy October everyone!

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