Monday, July 23, 2012

Salsa dancing in NYC

Hello everyone,

A couple of nights ago, we started salsa dancing randomly at Foulger, and though Timmay and I tried our best to show them the moves we knew, we knew it was nothing compared to what they would experience in a real salsa bar watching and dancing with real street salsa dancers.
(because there is a huge difference between street salsa dancers and ballroom salsa dancers. 
I, for example, am a ballroom salsa dancer, and I was completely lost when I was dancing with 
a street salsa dancer... all these crazy, cool, and rather fuzzy leading techniques)
So on Saturday night, we decided to try out our moves in NYC in a real salsa club.  
(It was definitely an impromptu decision, but we seem to thrive on these as a group...)
A couple of us had been to this bar before, Iguana,--as seen in this post--
so we led the rest of the crew to the same bar.  

getting food on our way to the salsa bar!!
hahaha Christine and Tae...
if Tae would smile, she wouldn't have to do that  ;)

What we didn't realize, however, was the fact that Saturday night in NYC and Sunday night in NYC
are completely different matters altogether.  
This was how it was Sunday night:
no bouncers, no carding, no lines, cover fee of $5.
This was how it was Saturday night:
2 intimidating bouncers, carding, looong lines, and cover fee of $12-20.
This was a problem since not all of us were over 21, and none of us felt like paying the cover fee,,,
so we decided to start our own again!

Homemade salsa dancing partay!

since I was dancing the whole time, I forgot to take pictures of the actual dancing,,
but it was a grand time   =D

Tae and his groupies.  he loves us  =p
and when we got tired of dancing, we played with the nerf guns.

battling it out.  western style.
5 steps, turn, shoot.
and we found that girls had better aim than guys  =p

and when we got tired and hungry from burning all those calories, we made some food and enjoyed it.
I'm not a huge fan of pancakes, but it seems the exercise and the company makes all the difference!

pancakes and strawberries!

and before we headed back to Foulger, we decided to stop by Ktown
to enjoy another Korean meal  =)
are we sad or glad to be heading back to Foulger?  haha
I can't believe that we are already in our 4th and last week of Foulger!
These 3 weeks have really flown by, and it's funny to think that I have grown so fond of these lovelies
in such a short amount of time.
It's almost as though summer music festivals are in a different dimension where time is expanded.
The time ticks by slower inside the festival than in the real world so that 
a week of festival time equals a couple of weeks in the real world...
This is the only way I can explain the amount of work we get done, 
as well as how much I've grown to love the friends I've met here.
It's a phenomenon I have witnessed ever since I started attending these summer festivals many years ago, and the contradiction of the weeks seemingly flying by much faster than usual, and the incredible amount of work and socializing we do (months and months' worth) that is compacted into that time 
has always boggled my mind.

This week is going to be of no exception, I am sure.  
It will be perhaps one of the busiest weeks as we prepare for our performances at the Lincoln Center this Sunday, and because we don't want the festival to end and have to say bye to all of the friends we have made here, the time will seem to fly by even quicker than before.
Though I always get a little sad at the end, the nice thing about the music world is that it is so small that chances are very high that I will see these people again and again in the near future  =)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy Monday!!


tae said...

omg. you have way too much time. shouldn't you be practicing prok 1?

Janny said...

almost fell asleep playing the last two pages this morning