Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend of Concerts

Hello everyone!

Last night we were privileged to witness the first concert of the first season of Foulger International Music Festival!!  woot woot!  and what an extraordinary concert it was! I am still excited just thinking about it!
It was a Foulger Virtuosi concert of Faure, Popper, Schubert, Schumann, and Shostakovich, and it was so inspiring to see our teachers and coaches performing.  

Popper Requieum for 3 cellos and piano.  Beautiful...
(Allison Eldredge, Mark Churchill, Daniel Levitov)

Schumann Piano Quartet--notice the double cello action!

Schumann Piano Quartet has such a gorgeous slow movement...
(Tae Kim, Miranda Cuckson, Scott Kluksdahl, Karin Brown)

Tuning for Shostakovich Piano Quintet

yay! they were so good!!
(Max Levinson, Christof Heubner, Anton Miller, Tomas Landschoot, Miranda Cuckson)
Shostakovich has a special place in my heart, and their performance of the quintet was incredibly exciting!

All of the students were gushing about how wonderful the recital was all the way back to our dorms, 
and many were so inspired that they went straight to practice when they got back!  
Our poor roommates who wanted to sleep...  haha.  but seriously, we have some incredible performers on faculty here, and I'd highly recommend streaming the faculty concerts (and the student ones too!) from the FIMF website.  =)

The concert was extra fun/inspiring for me because the teacher I have been working with this week, Miranda Cuckson, was performing in two of the pieces; the Schumann Piano Quartet and the Shostakovich Piano Quintet. (she's the one in the yellow dress) wow. she is incredible!  
The thing is, one of the pieces I am working on is full of spiccato strokes, so we had been working on spiccato a lot during our lessons (spiccato is a bow technique where the bow is doing a sort of a continuous controlled bounce on the strings).
So here I was, struggling with spiccato allll week--my roomies have heard so many disgruntled noises while I practiced this week haha.   Then, at the concert, we heard the faculty play the Schumann Piano Quartet 2nd movement, which is basically all incredibly fast spiccato-ing, effortlessly.  
My friends and I couldn't help but chuckle...
I mean, what else can you do when they make it seem so easy?
It was like they were enjoying playing it!  ;)  haha
It was definitely a moment of "ohhh, so THAT's what it's supposed to be like."

Tonight at 7pm, there will be the 2nd concert of the season at Foulger of the student performers.
I will be performing 1st and 2nd movements of the Prokofiev Sonata for Violin and Piano #2 with pianist Tae Kim, and I'm definitely feeling the pre-performance excitement this morning =)
But before I get to perform that tonight, I still have the open rehearsal for the Brahms concert at 1 pm to prepare for our concert tomorrow at 3pm!
So many performances!!
If you aren't able to attend these concerts but would still like to hear them, tune in here.

Well, time to get ready for these marathon weekend of concerts!
Thanks for reading!

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