Monday, July 16, 2012

The night 4 friends acted out a scene from an action movie

Hello everyone!

On Sunday, Foulger unleashed almost all of its students in NYC--imagine the start of the Boston Marathon, and that's kind of how it was I think.  Poor New Yorkers, they didn't know what hit them  haha

It was truly a wonderful day that ended with an epic episode that highly resembled a scene from an action movie.  But before we get to that part, here are the other wonderful aspects of our trip.

First and foremost, we had to go eat Korean food.  Remember this post?  It was a necessity. 
yay food!
The Koreans (on the left side) all had Sulungtang, and Alice and Fahad had Mandooguk and Bibimbab respectively.  It was kind of funny that all of us got such hot dishes when it was also incredibly hot and humid outside, but perhaps because of that, when we came out, we didn't think the weather was so unbearable! =)

And we were so proud of Fahad!  He ate the whole meal using chopsticks!  no forks for this manly man!

and then began the shopping...
lots and lots of it.
too much of it.

but we enjoyed the beginning of it very much!
We first entered Chanel and tried on ridiculously expensive shoes.  I mean, why is it necessary that a sandal that is made of the sole and a thin piece of leather costs as much as a computer?  It isn't.  
but we had fun trying them on anyway.
And Burberry had really nice smelling perfumes..

But those smells were nothing compared to this place!
Porto Rico Importing Co.!
oh the smell of amazing coffee!!!

And they had the best names: Vienna Sumatra Mandheling.  so exotic!

at probably another ridiculously expensive shop...  we went to so many of them that I can't keep track...

Now this place.  This place was really something.
Do not be fooled by such an innocent looking banner of this shop. (is it innocent looking? hmm can't tell)
Alice and I were talking, not paying much attention to where we were going, and letting the boys lead.  Perhaps that was the mistake?   haha
Anyway, we walked into the shop, still very much so deeply in conversation, when we noticed the much darker lighting and a rather strong smell of some sort of (apparently it's supposed to be seductive) perfume.
It was a lingerie shop (with extra... things).  A very high class one apparently.
They had really nice chairs, and by this point, that was all we wanted in a store, so we thought about staying.
However, we left pretty quickly as the store workers kept asking us if we needed any help... multiple times...

We definitely had fun, but man!  Shopping is really tiring!  Especially when you do it for 5 hours!

 After eating sushi for dinner, we decided to try a salsa bar.  
Things were not looking great at this point because it had started pouring in NYC
and none of us had umbrellas.  
When we got to the salsa bar 8 blocks away from the subway station, drenched and tired, 
we found out that the bar was closed.

At this point, the little Foulger group of 10 or so people decided to split up, and 
Jean, Fahad, Tonya, and I ventured out on our own. 
Initially, our plan was to just go back to Foulger, but we had left at an odd time for us to catch the train, 
so we decided to find something fun to do for an hour until we could catch the next train.  
As we were contemplating getting something to eat at a pastry shop (definition of fun = eating. haha) 
we struck up a conversation with the clerk there who gave us some napkins
--we were drenched, and must have looked quite the pitiful bunch--
and informed us of another salsa bar right around the corner from the pastry shop!
We arrived completely soaked, but the amazing dancers at the bar didn't seem to care, and we all danced the night away.

The guy wasn't a very good photographer..

This girl's got moves!!

Unfortunately our dancing was cut short at 10:45 when we realized we had to get back to the Penn station to catch the 11:07 train. 

We quickly left the bar, but the urgency was completely forgotten as soon as Jean mentioned 'pastries'.
Jean had gotten them from Korean Town earlier, and we spent a couple of blissful minutes passing them around.
I have never tasted better pastries!


We were about to buy more when we realized that we had forgotten about the train, and this is when the scene from an action movie began to take place.

We instantly started running for the subway station, but in the middle of running, I heard Jean say "go on! go without me! I'll catch up with you guys later!"
We hesitated for a couple of seconds, but at another urging from Jean, we began to run again.
The problem was that the only person who knew NYC was Jean.
Fahad, Tonya, and I stood outside of a subway station, running in place, watching the clock ticking by.

By the time Jean caught up to us, it was 10:57.
Because we knew we wouldn't make it to the Penn station in 10 minutes via subway, we hailed a cab.
The first one was out of service.
The second one agreed to take us, but said it would be impossible to get to the station in 5 minutes.

At 11:03 the taxi was stalled in the middle of the road about 2 1/2 blocks from the station.
We all jumped out of the cab in the middle of the street, ran through the cars, got onto the sidewalk, and started sprinting as fast as we could to the station.

I hope it resembled something like this.  ;)  haha
Matt Damon = us.  Motorcycle = the taxi.

We never stopped running, even when we got to the station, and somehow Fahad and Jean were able to read that our train would be departing from Track 1.

We ran all the way up and down the stairs--seriously. so many stairs!--to the Track 1 to find...

that the train would be leaving in 1 minute!

We made it!    Like champs.   With a whole minute to spare!
We were so high on adrenaline for the rest of that train ride!

We sat there in a nearly empty train, eating some pork buns Tonya had bought from China town,
bonding over the food and the epic race of the night.

I hope you had an amazing weekend as well!
Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Haha. "It was a lingerie shop (with extra...things)." Oh Janny, I miss you! That's hilarious.

Janny said...

That shop was seriously intense. so scary lol
I miss thee!! Hope the real world is treating you well! I envy your bravery--I will be hiding out for as long as I can before I enter the real world..