Friday, July 6, 2012

Daily life at Foulger

Hello everyone!

I can't believe I have been at Foulger International Music Festival for almost a week!  
I can honestly say that I have played more of my violin in this past week at Foulger than I have in the month or so that I spent at home...  
I don't know about you guys, but I find it extremely difficult for me to practice at home; 
there are just so many distractions!
books, Mckinley, grandma, lil bro, Mckinley, dancing, books,,,
It's especially difficult because I have a car at home, and there's always something to do in Seattle!  

Here at Foulger, this is all I have...

my violin.

We are all supposed to practice in our own rooms, but because I got so tired of staring at the 
same 4 incredibly white walls, 
I have since moved out into the living room area...
to look at slightly different 4 incredibly white walls.

In order to understand how I could already be so tired of these walls when I've only been practicing in them for 5 days, we need to take a look at my daily practicing schedule...
For example, here was my Wednesday's schedule.

10 am ish::  Phone dies overnight and wake up an hour later than intended. eek!
10:00 am - noon::  Start practicing after a quick shower
noon - 1 pm::  Skip lunch because Brahms Piano Quartet in g is kicking my butt... (practice practice)
1 -3 pm::  Brahms rehearsal
3:20 pm::  Stumble into my room after the rehearsal 
3:30 - 6:30 pm::  Start practicing for lesson. Not prepared... much thanks to Brahms. 
(but after 3 hours, manage to scrap together Prokofiev and get prepared for lesson)
6:30 - 7 pm::  Wolf down an impressive amount of food for dinner.
7 - 8:25 pm::  lesson.
8:30 pm:: pass out on the bed for a little bit.
the end! yay!

So you see, it seems that my violin and I will be getting to know each other quite well this summer...
And though my finger tips are protesting (my calluses have all disappeared during my stay at home), 
I am truly having a blast playing so much music with so many wonderful musicians  =)
Well, off I go to practice, yet again, for the student concert tomorrow and the Brahms Concert on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!

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