Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RIP Mr. Hazelwood.

Dear friends,

I write this in a bit of a state of shock.

There is a man who influenced and inspired me in so many ways during my stay at Interlochen Arts Academy; a man who introduced me to the incredible depth of orchestral repertoire, a man who had enough patience with a mere child who failed to bring in the whole 2nd violin section at a concert, and a man who believed in that same child enough to pushed her to be a leader the next year.

Mr. Hazelwood was an incredibly caring teacher who was always willing to help any and all of his students with whatever they needed, and who believed in them so much that they achieved things they had never thought to achieve before.  I have so many fond memories of the Interlochen Symphony Orchestra in many memorable concerts under his direction, and I can't express in words just how grateful I am to him for showing me how wonderful orchestral playing can be.

Though he achieved so much and did so much for many during his stay at Interlochen, I will remember the little moments with the most fondness; his laugh, the way he greeted us at the end of each break, his diagrams as he tried to teach us how to count polyrhythms, the sparkle in his eyes after a great concert, the post-concert pat on the back or a hug, and how we all, Mr. Hazelwood included, cried as he read the goodbye letter to the orchestra as he left for Bogota, Columbia.

Thank you Mr. Hazelwood for all of the work you have done at Interlochen as well as with different orchestras around Michigan and Bogota, Columbia.  You leave a great legacy behind, and you will be greatly missed.

RIP Mr. Hazelwood.
Much love.

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