Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suite 205

Hello everyone!

I have been incredibly blessed to have really amazing group of people around me almost everywhere I go, and Foulger has been no exception.  Everyone in my chamber groups has been wonderful to work with, the large group of friends I have made and hang out with here constantly make me laugh, and I have the most amazing roomies ever!

These lovely ladies of the Suite 205 are Jean and Meredith.  Jean and I are actually rooming together, but since Meredith is an RA, she has a room to herself.  The three of us are very different in almost every aspect--personality, appearance, hobbies, fashion,,, you name it--yet we have so much fun together, and manage to get along extremely well. =)

So let me introduce them one by one.

This is Meredith--you can check her blog out here.
She's really into vintage clothing, and sometimes she seems to have popped out of some 1960-70's magazine.  (but a much skinnier version of the models because the models back then were rather curvacious and Meredith has got to be one of the skinniest people I know...)
This girl and I go waaaay back.  The first time I met her was during our Sophomore year of high school.  We were both at the Nebraska All-State, and I honesty don't remember much about our encounter other than the fact that she was playing Ziguenerweisen by Sarasate. haha
Since that obscure meeting, we have gotten to know each other much better as we spent the last 4 years together at UNL, last 3 years together in Julie's studio, last 2 summers attending same summer festivals--this year is our 3rd year attending the same festival together!!--and last year flying all over the United States taking lessons from prospective teachers and auditioning for graduate schools together.
We were given the 'Dynamic Duo' award at the last festival, and though we will be quite far away next year, I am sure we will run into each other quite often during the summers--the music world is quite tiny--and bring much brightness and giggles to the future summer festivals    ;)

see what I mean? skull necklace and a baggy sweater.  and that awesome skirt!

This is Jean!!!!
We met last summer at a festival, and I remember envying her sense of fashion the first time I saw her.
She has a really edgy, contemporary, yet really cute sense of style, and though I could never pull them off, I would still like to have her wardrobe  haha.  She can just throw on skull necklaces and baggy sweaters and make everything look so cool!
It's been so great getting to know her much better as we share a room together.  She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and she is an incredible friend and listener.  You know with some friends, you just feel really comfortable sharing just about anything because you know they won't be judging you?  well, I think that's the kind of person Jean is.

Jean, Janny, and Meredith.   Suite 205.

Yay!  So that's our suite.
It is full of giggles, late night talks, and lots of stuff strewn about in an organized chaos kind of a way.  'tis the best. =)

Thanks for stopping by!

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